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Where I’ve Lived

New Zealand – I was born and raised on the West Coast of the South Island but lived most of my life in Christchurch. I spent a few years living in Auckland in my early-20s.

England – Like most Kiwis, I lived in London for two and a half years in my mid-20s. I had a great job and love big city living. London is expensive but the perfect base for exploring Europe.

Queensland, Australia – Along with Lee and Reuben, I have lived in Mooloolaba, Australia for several months a year for the last three eyars. Lee’s parents live here for six months out of the year and we have access to their house when they are away.

Nevada, USA – In 2011 we spend six weeks living in Las Vegas which isn’t a long time but we felt like we were living as locals.


Where I’ve Been

Asia – Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Burma, Malaysia, Indonesia and Japan

Europe – England, Italy (including Sardinia and Vatican), France, Germany, Austria, Croatia, Bosnia

America – United States

South Pacific – New Zealand and Australia

Middle East – Egypt and United Arab Emirates



  1. Hi!
    I stumbled on your blog via another one via another one via….You get the picture!
    I travelled a lot (heaps) in my younger days (am far from being done!), 19 years of traveling & living abroad. NZ was part of my exploring. (mainly the south island!) Wonderful country & people!
    Anyways, just wanted to share some of my fav countries. (never been to Asia…yet!) The South Pacific is awesome. I LOVED Fiji & the Fijians (I worked on an Aussie cruiseship called the Fairstar back in early 90s) I also loved Spain & Ireland. My fav Caribbean country is Trinidad & Tobago. (Been there numerous times!)
    Actually working on writing a book about my 19 years of travels & living abroad. Including some drawings, photos & other bits) It’s a long process.
    Wishing you all the best & safe travels.

    Eleni (actually my name “Helene” in Fijian!)

    here’s my Flickr address. In my profile you can find the link to my blog. (more a place to test some travel stories, very irregular)

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