Take a Family Holiday to The Seychelles

The Seychelles is a beautiful collection of 115 islands in the heart of the Indian Ocean, promising a holiday of sun, sea and adventure for visitors of all ages. With a warm, family friendly culture, the Seychelles is the ideal destination, whether you’re a seasoned travelling family or simply looking for an extra-special holiday together. It’s long been a fantasy to take a family holiday to The Seychelles. Here’s why!

Beautiful White Sand Beaches & Calm Water


The main attraction of the Seychelles is the huge number of beaches across the main islands. Those with the best facilities can be found on the largest island, Mahe, which boasts miles and miles of soft, sandy shores and craggy rock formations to discover. Head to Beau Vallon, easily the most popular beach in the region – this whole area has a great atmosphere and plenty of restaurants and cafes on the promenade if you need to duck out of the sun for a while. The Baie Lazare is quieter, but promises idyllic surroundings, with sparkling blue waters and a backdrop of palm trees and forestland. It’s also where the Kempinski Seychelles resort is situated, making it ideal if you’re seeking accommodation by the seafront.

Kempinski Seychelles Resort


The Seychelles has a large network of footpaths across its main islands, and the vast majority of it is protected under the UNESCO World Heritage programme or local conservation societies. The whole region is an area of huge significance in terms of biodiversity, and as a result there’s a wealth of wildlife to discover while making your way across the islands. Take a walk through the Morne Seychellois Natural Park, where you’ll find rare birds and animals as well as protected trees and flowers, or take a ferry over to one of the smaller islands for a day trip – La Digue is home to one of the world’s largest colonies of giant tortoises, not to be missed!

Create Your Own Adventure in the Seychelles


The Seychelles is home to the fantastic Specialised Multi-Adventure Company (SMAC), a dedicated adventure company offering exhilarating activities in the forests and cliff faces of Mahe. Rock-climbing, abseiling and zipline rides are all included in a day’s itinerary – make sure you try the “Icebreaker”, a series of ziplines passing over the forest canopy in the Ephelia hillsides. You could also explore the sea bed and coral reefs with one of the many beachside diving schools to see the marine life underneath the island’s surface, or head out with a fishing tour to learn a new skill and discover the edible species around the Seychelles!


Images used with permission of Kempinski Seychelles Resort.

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