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Grand Canyon, Arizona, November 2011

Who are Flashpacker Family?


Wife, mother and blogger-in-chief.  Born in New Zealand, Bethaney has been travelling since her early 20s and loves exotic and adventurous destinations as well as the world’s busy and bustling super cities.  Her travels have mostly been solo trips flashpacking in South East Asia or weekends away in Europe during her three years spent working and living in London.  A reformed vegetarian, she now loves exploring markets and eating street food.  As chasing a toddler takes up most of her day, she doesn’t really have hobbies but likes to sneak off to the occasional hot yoga class and wishes she could sew & knit.  She has been to 22 countries and five states in the USA and with the goal of visiting 100 countries before the age of 40.  Read on for more about Bethaney and her travels.


Lee is a self-made internet marketer with a commerce degree. He was a contestant on the New Zealand version of the reality show “The Apprentice”. He has a love of travel, more so in the Western world, having been to America about 30 times. He was born in England which gave him an opportunity to see much of Europe at an early age. He moved to New Zealand at 16. As an avid snowboarder, he particularly loves cold climates and mountain ranges.  He is also practices Kung Fu.  With the ability to work remotely his work allows the family to travel anywhere without having to check into any physical premises thus allowing the family “holiday” to run indefinitely.


Number one son.  Born in New Zealand, Reuben is currently three years old.  He is an intense and active child who loves to swim, run, dance and explore.  He’ll eat anything if it’s served with rice and loves spicy food.  In his downtime he loves art and painting.  He has travelled to New Zealand, Australia, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia and four states in the USA.  He doesn’t mind flying provided his parents bring a few of his favourite books, a packet of potato chips and schedule flights in with his nap and bedtime.  In 2013 alone, he went on 15 flights.


What is a Flashpacker?

If you want to find out what being a “flashpacker” is all about, check out my definition of a flashpacker.



  1. hi – have loved reading through your blog posts. We took our 4 year old on a 3000km bike ride from England to Croatia last year – hoping for it to be the beginning of a nomadic lifestyle…… but 6 months later we are back in NZ in full time work, son at daycare, and sucked back in to the 9-5 grind (and hating it!) Now we are trying to figure out how we can make enough money while travelling so we can get back on the road. There’s so much to see out there, and I am so inspired by all the families like yours who are letting their kids really experience LIFE!

    • Wow! That sounds like an amazing journey Rowan. Once you’ve travelled long-term it can be really hard going back to the daily grind. Whereabouts in NZ are you based? What are your careers? I’d love to help you figure out a way to get out of the 9-5 and become location independent. Feel free to send me any questions you have. :)

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  3. Enjoyed reading about you. I really happy that you have nice family as well. Reuben! He is so cute one. I hope that we will meet with sweet Reuben soon. lovely Family….

  4. Great Blog! – we are also a nomadic family, and it is fantastic to find like minded people out there!… our blog is coleaussieadventure.blogspot.com so have a look if you get a moment, but in short we are a British family, who spent a large portion of last year winding our way down to Australia, and we intend on getting back on the road again next year.

    I am trying very hard to find a job that will allow me to spend more time on the road, but sadly this is proving difficult! – our kids are already 8 and 10, so we also have the future difficulty of making sure their education gets unaffected by the travelling, but they absolutely love it, and much to the surprise of most, they have no issue with being on the road in sometimes less than luxurious surroundings

  5. So glad to have found your blog! Hubby and I love to travel too. We have two kids and are vegetarians so I’m looking forward to reading more of your travel experiences :)

  6. I love to see other mamas out there traveling with their whole crew! I love sharing experiences with my babies and I take them everywhere! It’s hard work, but worth it! Cheers to you fellow mama traveler!

  7. Heya Bethany!

    Stumbled across your blog and love it!! I’m about as ambitious as you guys but I absolutely love that you’re doing it as a family! I want to see every country in the world and I did the maths too, that’s a lot of holidays a year! :)
    Good luck crossing them off and getting a taste for everywhere! When you get to Ireland look me up :)

  8. Great content! My husband and I are just starting our travels with our four children and I think your site will be a great resource. Thanks for sharing.

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