Who are Flashpacker Family?


Wife, mother and writer, Bethaney does it all! Born in New Zealand, Bethaney has been travelling since her early 20s and loves exotic and adventurous destinations as well as the world’s busy and bustling super cities. Her travels have mostly been solo trips flashpacking in South East Asia or weekends away in Europe during her three years spent working and living in London. A reformed vegetarian, she now loves exploring markets and eating street food. As chasing two children takes up most of her day, she works on her blog in the evenings as well as helping Lee run their online business. She has been to 27 countries and has a goal of visiting 100 countries before the age of 40.


Lee is a self-made internet marketer with a commerce degree. He was a contestant on the New Zealand version of the reality show “The Apprentice”. He has a love of travel, more so in the Western world, having been to America about 30 times. He was born in England which gave him an opportunity to see much of Europe at an early age. He moved to New Zealand at 16. As an avid snowboarder, he particularly loves cold climates and mountain ranges.  He is also practices Kung Fu.  With the ability to work remotely his work allows the family to travel anywhere without having to check into any physical premises thus allowing the family “holiday” to run indefinitely.


Reuben is our number one son. Born in New Zealand, Reuben is currently four and a half years old.  He is an intense and active child who loves to run, dance and explore.  In his 4.5 years, Reuben has travelled to 11 countries and can tell you something about each of them. He’s a tech whiz and loves to use Photoshop to create pictures. He loves maps and exploring on Google earth. He’s a natural with languages and picks up the basics quickly when visiting a new country. Reuben is better behaved on airplanes than he is on the ground. He loves to fly, especially in business class. (He got that from his father!)


Hazel is the newest member of Flashpacker Family. She took her first plane ride at 12 weeks and begin travelling the world with her family at 4.5 months. She’s been on helicopter rides, cruise ships, climbed a volcano and been to seven countries all before her first birthday. Hazel was born to be a nomad. She is happy and comfortable anywhere in the world so long as she’s with her family. She’s a water baby and loves the ocean, so much so she’s been known to fall asleep mid-swim. She’s a people person and can win anyone over with a smile.

What is a Flashpacker?

Flashpacking is a style of travel. Think of it as the evolution of a backpacker. More money, more comfort but same adventurous spirit.

If you want to find out what being a “flashpacker” is all about, check out my definition of a flashpacker.

Our Journey

We’re on an open-ended trip around the world. Planning too far in advance doesn’t work for us. We are last minute, “fly by the seat of our pants” types. We usually have a general direction to head in but try and remain flexible to snap up any awesome opportunities that present themselves.

We left our home in New Zealand in August 2014, spending a few weeks soaking up the sun in Hawaii. After that, we flew to Seattle, bought a car and drove it down to Las Vegas over the course of a month. After a few months in Vegas catching up on work we flew to Florida and Puerto Rico, did a Caribbean cruise and spent a month in Mexico.

We started of 2015 by flying back to Vegas, picking up our car and heading North to snowy Utah. We’re currently in Park City where we’ll spend the rest of the ski season.

Next stop? Who knows?

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