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After 25 years in operation, the Sydney Monorail is closing this week. The monorail circles central Sydney taking in Darling Harbour, Chinatown and the city centre. Sure, it held little use for locals but the monorail was a tourist attraction in it’s own right.



We were lucky enough to ride it when we were in Sydney earlier in the month. We could have easily walked the distance that the monorail took us but we bought tickets and climbed on board just for the fun of it. And what fun it was! I think it was possibly Reuben’s favourite activity during our week in Sydney. (He’s hard to impress!) It doesn’t go particularly fast but it’s a scenic way to see the city.


Farewell to the Sydney Monorail

Sydney City from the Monorail

The Ultimate in Excitement for a Train-Obsessed Toddler


I remember riding the monorail on a visit to Sydney as a kid – it was so futuristic and fun. It’s a little sad to see an icon of Sydney sent off to an early grave. According to Transport NSW there has been no interest in any other city acquiring the monorail as a means of transport… although I heard whispers on the train itself that it was headed to Melbourne or Hobart but maybe that’s just as a museum piece.


Did you visit Sydney anytime between 1989 and 2013 and ride the monorail? What do you think about it’s closure?

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  • Nienke

    Oh no! That’s Crazy. I loved the monorail!!! Especially the part where it goes partly through a building. Awesome!

  • Reply

    Oh no 🙁 Yup I’ve rode that thing plenty of times.. It’s true the locals couldn’t care less, but I agree what a tourist attraction to be rid of 🙁 Bye bye monorail.

    • Bethaney Davies

      Not to mention how ugly the remnants of the monorail will look dotted around the city. It’s silly to get rid of it if you ask me!

  • Steve

    it’s about time the council finally got rid of that thing! lived in sydney for over a year and never once rode it.

  • Lisa Wood

    We have looked at it a few times in the last few months but we cant justify how much it would cost for our family to ride in the Monorail….maybe if they lowed the prices for a family of six to travel in it then we would happily jump on board.
    If they had reasonable prices then maybe they would not have to shut it down cause it would have been making money!!!

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