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Alexandra Pucherelli runs two great sites – her personal travel blog, Fluent in Frolicking, and her new guide to everything Maui, Miss Maui Ali. Ali is currently based in Maui but has frolicked all over the globe -Europe, Asia, South America. You name it and she’s been there… and she does it all while looking comfortable, stylish and sexy.
She’s about to embark on a Round the World trip (which she won the airfare for, lucky thing) which is always hard to pack for. Ali is using Pintrest to get ideas for a flexible, functional and fashionable wardrobe for a globetrotting girl. It’s a great idea! So much so that I’ve jumped on Pintrest too and created a Flashpacker Fashion board. Be warned though – it’s addictive!

Read on for my Flashpacker Fashion Friday interview with Ali.

Alexandra’s Vintage Bohemian Style is Perfect for Travel


Describe your personal style. How do you keep it up on the road?

Vintage Bohemian. I tend to go for feminine styles as they work better for my body type. I tend to wear solid clothes and wild accessories. I also love dresses as I feel they make you look instantly pulled together. As for keeping it up on the road I say bringing simple multipurpose clothes you feel good in is the most important. Also instead of wall hangings or bulky goods I always allow myself one piece of jewelry from each destination. They are my souvenirs of choice.

I have a Pinterest board titled ‘Don’t Be A Travel Fashion Bum‘. This is how I wish I looked while on the road! As I am preparing for yet another RTW trip I’m finding it just as hard to pack light as the first time around

The photo (above) with the children is a great example of how you can dress fashionable and still respect the local cultures. This is a photo from Turkey in a small town in the southeastern part of the country. Once again I choose a bold item, the skirt, to be my central fun fashion piece.

Looking Like a Tourist (but not a sloppy backpacker) in Hanoi, Vietnam

How do you avoid looking like just another backpacker?

Jeans! I always pack them. I think they are key for blending in with the locals no matter where you go! Plus I hate looking like a slob in airports.

How does being a Maui girl influence your fashion sense?

I think it has given me a certain ease when it comes with fashion. I was raised barefoot in both sand and mud. I’m happiest still in a sun dress and flip flops!  It has also made me extremely comfortable in a bikini and sarong. Ironically enough one of my key travel pieces is my retro 50s red one piece bathing suit. I love how it separates me from the crowd and how if I slip a skirt over it I am totally ready to go anywhere. Plus I think it is important to respect local cultures a in lot of places they aren’t a fan of bikinis.

“My Vintage Red One-Piece Bathing Suit is a Staple”

Do you think the countries you visit influence your sense of fashion?

Of course, as I said before most of my jewelry comes from places I visit. I love being home and getting complemented on a pair of earrings and thinking back to the little store in Pai (Thailand) where I bought them. If travel doesn’t influence you than what is the point. A nice pair of sunglasses and a cheap pair of earrings picked up in a local thai shop can transform you from sloppy backpacker to fashionista.

Of all the places you’ve lived or visited, which locals have the best sense of style?

New York City, Italy, and Rio. All unique senses of fashion but each owns their style.

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  • crazy sexy fun traveler

    Each time I see that photo with the snake, I keep asking myself how it was 😀

    • Bethaney

      I know! That is one brave woman!!!

  • Alexandra

    It took me a big Bintang and about half an hour of watching the snake before I womened up and did it. Basically I got a bit tipsy and knew I had my pinup girl swimsuit on and it was too good of a photo op to pass up 😉 It was actually a really cool feeling, kind of like a giant hug!

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