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Today’s a big day for America. The world stops and waits to see what America does on election day. Though I’m not an overly political person, I can quite happily say I think America chose well on this occasion.

With all this talk of elections, my thought drift to why it is we love America so much. Here are five reasons why America is the best!


Interstate 40 from Flagstaff to Albuquerque

Road Trips

America is so big and the states so diverse. Each state truly feels like a different country. People look different, the landscape looks different and the food tastes different. Roads are good and cities aren’t too far apart which makes it perfect for roadtripping. I love spotting license plates from faraway states and imagining the journey the vehicle and it’s passengers took – the best one was an Alaska plate in a Vegas parking lot!


Technology is big in America. Everyone has the latest phone, tablet or e-reader – Americans are early adopters. Technology actually works in the US. Our on our South Western Road Trip, our TomTom could tell us the way to the nearest gas station, hotel, restaurant or tourist attraction virtually eliminating the need for a guidebook. Internet is fast, Wi-Fi is ever present and almost always free. Phones are 4G and lightening quick.


A Typical Meal – Burgers, Coleslaw and Fries


There are a lot of things wrong with the state of food in America – giant sodas, high fructose corn syrup and soy in everything, long lists of ingredients in what should be the simplest of recipes. However, there are a few things America does really well. Burgers in the USA top those anywhere else! Mexican food, South Western Food and Tex-Mex rock my world. It’s something we Kiwis haven’t quite got right. While fast food may be king, healthy options can be found and the variety on offer in stores like Wholefoods will blow your mind. Grocery and restaurant meals are cheap when compared to New Zealand or Australia and kids are welcomed  and well-catered for at almost every restaurant.


Now is the perfect time for Kiwis and Aussies to head stateside. The US dollar is cheap to buy and goes a long way once you’re in country. Electronic goods, clothes, books, food – you name it, it’s all cheaper in America. The only thing I don’t dig is tipping and adding tax on top of purchase prices. I can never work out how much anything actually is!


The best thing about America is the people. This is the land of the free and the home of the extroverts! Say what you will about Americans abroad, in their home environment, Americans are positive, friendly and engaging. We’ve never encountered so much random chit-chat on buses, in queues, in stores or at restaurants. Everyone is interested in who we are, what we’re doing and what we think about their country. The service culture is outstanding and no request ever seems to much trouble.


We’re busting to get back to the good ol’ US of A. So much so that we’ve applied for the Greencard lottery in the hope that we can spend more than just 90 days a year enjoying everything that America and it’s people has to offer.


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  • Kate - Canuckiwikate

    Being Canadian, I don’t think I’d go so far as to say I “love” America, but I’ll give credit where credit is due, and hard to argue with those 5 valid points 😉 I too, am pleased that Obama is back at it for 4 more years!

    Good luck in Greencard Lotto!

    • Bethaney

      Thanks Kate! I really hope we win. Would make life a lot easier not having to worry about the weird restrictions associated with US visa waiver program.

  • Leonie

    Yay! I sooooo agree with you!

    We LOVE the USA and we are heading back there in three short weeks for a five week holiday with our three children.

    I love America and agree wholeheartedly with your points above! Americans are such friendly, generous and lovely people. I’ve lived there and loved it.

    • Bethaney

      Sounds great Leonie. Where are you headed? We’re going back to the US next year for a few months. Can’t wait! Drooling at the thought of a BBQ pulled pork sandwich!!!!

  • Renee

    Nice. My family is American, though we spent nine years in Canada (got citizenship there) and have been slow-traveling for the last year and a half.

    What a pleasant surprise to read something enthusiastic about America /Americans written from an outside perspective. I agree, though I do think the road food is awful. We recently drive from Vancouver (BC) to Mexico, and struggled to find healthy, tasty meals, since my daughter doesn’t care for burgers or fast food. But we survived!

    I see you went to Flagstaff, AZ. That’s a sweet little town, isn’t it. It’s pretty hip and I love all the pine trees.

    Happy travels!

    • Bethaney

      Aww thanks Renee. 🙂

      We really liked Flagstaff a lot. It had a great small town feel but had all the amenities of a larger city. We were only supposed to stay one night but ended up there a second night. There is the most fabulous Teppanyaki restaurant at the Raddison.

  • Suzy

    It’s nice to see a positive article about American travel rather than a negative one. I’m glad you all had a great time. I am in Europe right now craving some good Mexican food at the moment.

    • Bethaney

      Thanks Suzy! I just found an authentic Mexican street food stall at a local Saturday farmers’ market… so I’m happy!

  • 30Traveler

    I was so inspired by this and the comments, I copied your idea (we’re friends, Bethaney won’t mind!) and wrote my own post … about Five Reasons I Love Americans.

  • kristi

    Thank you for such a nice post about America and Americans from an outsider point of view. It’s very rare. We all have our downfalls in each country, but it seems that everyone just bags on Americans/America.

    I’m planning to move to England and I’m so WORRIED about Mexican food. I had to inform my boyfriend about breakfast tacos when that is second nature here.

    • Bethaney

      Thanks Kristi! I hate to disappoint you but I lived in London for 2.5 years and there is NO good Mexican food to be found! You’ll have to start cooking!!

  • Living Outside of the Box

    Thanks for sharing “Say what you will about Americans abroad, in their home environment, Americans are positive, friendly and engaging.” I’m glad to hear that your experience IN the USA with Americans was good! (of course, people in NYC are going to be vastly different than New Mexico, etc!)

    Sometimes Americans get such a bad rep (and they deserve it) while traveling abroad…as you can see, the conveniences of traveling in the US vs traveling abroad makes Americans expectations pretty high when it comes to traveling conveniences!

    • Bethaney

      I know. I’ve met some atrocious American travelers abroad – whining about how everything is better in America… but I get it! It’s because a lot of things ARE better in America. I still think Americans could afford to expand their perspective a little but, as you say, even within the country there is so much difference. I could travel for a year or two in the US and be happy. Each state is so different from the next!

  • Maddie

    Yay, someone on the same wavelength! So nice to read this post, I’m a Brit and slightly obsessed with the U.S and I don’t think anyone really gets why but you’ve summed it up very nicely 🙂 Great post

    • Bethaney

      Oh me too! I’m so keen on America even though so many of my American friends want to leave. 🙂

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