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This week I’m interviewing my third Alexandra for Flashpacker Fashion Friday. It might seem like I only interview bloggers called Alexandra but these girls seem to have their travel style down pat! Alex from Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler divulges her travel fashion secrets for a life of crazy, sexy, fun adventure.

Alex is a crazy Slovak girl who made traveling her reason for living. Her motto is ”I live to travel, I travel to live” and she writes about her crazy travel, fun adventures on her blogs Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler and We Travel Around the World. She bravely posts bikini-clad pictures of herself on her blog – doesn’t hurt that she’s got a great figure! Alex always looks stylish and sexy on her adventures without make-up or high heels. You can tell that she feels good on the inside. Follow her adventures on Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler Facebook and Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler on Twitter.

Describe your personal style. How do you keep it up on the road?

I enjoy simple things when it comes to clothes. I am a huge fan of dresses and leggings which look good as I am tall and skinny. I like unique silver jewelry but don’t wear it very often when traveling as I do a lot of adventure and spa things. I can’t stand heels so you will never see me traveling with those.

Dresses and Leggings are Alex’s Go-To Look for Travel

How does being from Slovakia influence your fashion sense?

Well, Slovak girls love fashion and to look pretty! It is not so common in all the countries in the world but in Slovakia it is a big issue as most of the young women are very beautiful with pretty face and great figure. I guess it is very difficult to compete in Slovakia, but not once when abroad. I was told many times that even when I go hiking, I kind of look trendy.

How does what you wear change depending on where you’re headed? Do you ever have to tone down your look?

To be honest it does not change that much. Just instead of minidress I would wear shorts, and instead of tank tops a simple T-shirt with short sleeves. But always comfortable.

Alexandra’s Favourite Jandals

What’s in your backpack? What are your fashion essentials? What can’t you live without?

I always use aloe vera gel for almost everything. It is one thing I can’t travel without because I am very clumsy and do a lot of adventure stuff where I get bruises and scratches a lot. It heels it all. Speaking about fashion, a black jumper and black leggings are always in my suitcase. Then flip flops, many dresses and skirts, also leggings that look like jeans, a hat and a sarong. Though my favorite clothes will always be bikini.

What’s your approach to hair, make-up and beauty on the road?

I use bio coconut oil instead of both face cream and body lotion which saves space in my bag. An eye cream and a sunblock lotion are always part of my luggage. I hardly ever do my make-up when traveling, so I only carry with me a black mascara, black eye liner, small eye shadows and a lipbalm. Make-up is really not necessary when I go hiking or spend time in a spa or swimming. I never carry a comb with me, I have been using my fingers to deal with hair for a few years already. Just try to make everything simple and still look like human. No make-up needed, hide it all behind the sunglasses.


Simple Black Leggings and Jumper Dressed Up with a Patterned Tunic

Where do you find the most fashionable locals? What’s one place you’ve visited that has influenced your fashion sense?

Obviously France, Italy, London and places such as Buenos Aires surprised me with many women dressed up really nicely. But I don’t like to be influenced by the newest fashion as I don’t want to look like another million of women on the planet. I have my own style and tend to buy clothes that many women will not own then.

Alex at Laguna Esmeralda in Argentina

Got any tips for staying sexy on the road?

I wrote about easy beauty tips for female travelers not so long ago. I think that if you do what you like and you are happy, then you look sexy too. No need to use tons of make-up and dress up. Guys find it weird if you do when traveling, anyway.


Have you got what a distinctive personal style that you take on the road with you? Want to share what’s in your backpack? Email me,, if you’d like to be part of my Flashpacker Fashion series.


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  • crazy sexy fun traveler

    Thanks so much, Bethaney for this 🙂 My first fashion related interview ever 😀

  • cheryl

    Great interview Alexandra! I love how you could your wardrobe so simple and even go without make-up. I could never do that! 🙂

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