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Alexandra Jimenez launched Travel Fashion Girl last month. Travel Fashion Girl is “A Traveler’s Guide to Practical & Stylish Travel Gear”. Alex shows off key pieces and accessories that would be at home in any fashionable girl’s backpack. She also interviews other travelers about what’s in their bags and takes questions from readers. If you’re struggling with what to pack for a certain trip, Alex is the girl to ask!

My favourite part of Travel Fashion Girl are the packing guides which are broken down into four categories – Minimista, Essentials, Classic and Maximista. The basic premises of all packing guides are to edit your clothes, pick a colour scheme (or two) and, above all, make sure every item can be worn together.


Elevating a Simple White Dress with a Chunky Belt at Coachella Music Festival

Describe your personal style. How do you maintain it on the road?

My personal style at home always varied depending on my mood and destination. On the road, I don’t have the variety I used to and I stick to more feminine pieces. I try to dress up basics with cool accessories and also choose clothing items that are feminine but comfortable. Turning 30 this year, I’m aiming for a more polished look and trying to find a balance between fun and sophistication. I think it can be challenging to maintain your personal style when you’re on the road. Travel Fashion Girl is about bridging that gap.


Alexandra at Teotihuacan in Mexico


How do you make your wardrobe work for travel? What key pieces are important?

Accessories! My handbag always jazzes up my outfits because it is the one thing I wear all the time that I would also wear at home too. I have my favourite bracelets that I bought in Tanzania and other jewellery that makes me feel like me. I also love to have a set of dressy sandals that polish up every outfit.


Alexandra’s Polished Travel Look


I love your four packing lists. Can you explain the principles behind them? What do you go for personally?

I created the Packing Guides as visual guidelines for girls to realize that it’s okay to wear your own clothing when you travel. Just choose what makes sense. I was very careful to be as general as possible with the style of the clothes and tried not to impose trends on people. I want it to be a resource for every girl and not exclude anyone, no matter what trends you follow or your style; I want the guides to do just that – guide you.

I don’t like to offer advice that I wouldn’t take myself so all of the packing guides have been carefully planned throughout my travels this past year. I designed them based on mine and other traveller’s principles such as Deanne Ballard who travelled with just 4 clothing items. I tested them out in various scenarios. As I was traveling through Central America late last year I sent home any clothing that didn’t match up with my guidelines. I wanted to make sure they were realistic. I’m a Maximista in a Carry On Bag!


In the London Underground


What’s your favourite place for spotting fashionable locals?

Great question! Public transportation but especially the underground or subway gives you a broad insight into the local style. My favourite trend spotting cities were London and Mexico City.


Alex in a Cute, Feminine Dress in Arequipa, Peru


What are the best ways of balancing comfort with style?

Comfort is number one for me when I travel and style is second. However, I will not pack something that doesn’t meet both needs. I carefully select items that meet all criteria. Every item has to have form, function, and fashion!


She even looks good underwater!
Perhentian Islands, Malaysia


Be sure to check in next week for Flashpacker Fashion Friday. I’ll be interviewing another stylish traveller!


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  • alex

    Ha! Fun interview! Thanks for including me in your Flashpacking Fashion Friday! Can we start a tweet chat called that??? #flashpackingfriday 😉

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    Love, love LOVE this post too! I am so glad you started this series just as I was starting to think about packing for our big trip. I’m going to pour over Alexandra’s packing lists this weekend. Can’t wait!

    • alex

      And if you have any packing questions, feel free to send them my way and I’ll make a dedicated post for you 🙂

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    Travelling with family.. now THAT’s a challenge. I’m doing a solo travel around South East Asia and New Zealand. Thought that was challenging.. nothing compared to family travel 🙂

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