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3 Days in Los Angeles

3 days in Los Angeles is the perfect amount of time for first time visitors to the City of Angels. With 3 days in LA you can actually accomplish quite a lot! The beauty of Los Angeles is that [...]

Driving in Koh Samui

We spent a month living in Koh Samui in November 2013. If you’re spending more time on the island than a few days in a resort you will probably need a car. Taxis aren’t cheap around [...]

Unplanning the Plan

We have been wrestling a little with our intro to the nomadic lifestyle. It’s not an easy transition and the temptation is to start guns blazing especially when you’ve been dreaming [...]

The Birth of a Nomad

It felt like just a few months ago that we were tripping around South East Asia with a tiny not-quite-two-year old boy. Enjoying spicy food, riding third-class trains through rice paddy fields [...]

Venice in Winter

Venice is one of the most magical cities on the planet. Visiting Venice is like stepping back in time. It’s a different way of life. When it comes to Venice, seeing is believing. [...]

Faces of Burma

I’ve never been to a country where more people wanted me to take their picture than in Burma. I rarely came across anyone who spoke English. Snapping someone’s photo and sharing a [...]

Going Local

The desire to make a connection with a local is what sets a traveller apart from a tourist. Travellers strive to really get to know their destination of choice and getting to know a city or [...]

Reuben – In Two Years

My baby boy was two years old yesterday. As luck (or good parental planning) would have it we finished up our latest round of travels and found ourselves at home, able to celebrate his birthday [...]

Eating Out in Penang

Food is a big deal in Penang. The locals are very proud of their cuisine. There a restaurants, food courts and hawker centres everywhere. Hawker centres are a fantastic concept. Picture an [...]

A Week in Penang

Penang is the island you come to when you don’t feel like being on an island. It has all the amenities of a big Asian metropolis but is compact, charming and diverse. Penang is a place [...]

Tough Times in Bangkok

We’re not loving Bangkok. Lee and Reuben in particular. It’s funny because it’s a city I loved coming to before I had a family. I even fancied living here for a while. Things [...]

Five Days in Bangkok

My first blog post from the road! We’ve been in Bangkok for five days now and it doesn’t feel like we’ve gotten up to much. Day One We arrived at our guesthouse, New Siam II, [...]