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Searching for the ideal gift for traveler woman in your life? My list of the best travel gifts for her will help you find the perfect present for any woman who loves to travel. I’ve put together some fun and practical travel gift ideas for her. Whether you’re looking for travel gifts for mom, your significant other or a friend, here are some top gift ideas for the traveling woman at a range of prices. Here are 30 fun, practical and unique travel gifts for her!

Best Travel Gifts for Her

Best Travel Gifts for Her


Packing Cubes / Backpack / Suitcase

The ultimate in practical travel presents for her! A new piece of luggage or a sweet new backpack is the best gift for traveler woman. Pick a carry on backpack or suitcase, depending on her travel style. If she likes to jet set around Europe or backpack around South East Asia, you can’t go wrong with carry on luggage.

If you’re not sure what their luggage situation is but still want to get practical travel related gifts for her then buy a set of packing cubes. These are one of the easiest gifts for her going traveling because you don’t need to worry about the size of the luggage or style of travel she’ll be doing. Read more about how to use packing cubes and why they are so awesome for travel here!


Cross Body Bag / Go Pro / Mirrorless Camera

These are some of the best travel gifts for her 2017. A crossbody bag is the best travel purse for women and this one has anti-theft technology to keep your valuables safe from pick pockets, bag slashers and card skimmers.

A Go Pro and Sony a6000 mirrorless camera are both expensive but if you’re looking for high end travel presents for women either of these would be greatly appreciated.


Kindle / Noise Cancelling Headphones / Power Bank

If you’re thinking electronics would be great travel gifts for her, you’d be right! Here are some travel friendly electronics that are great gifts for women who travel. Everyone needs a Kindle and the paperwhite one is great for travel. Noise cancelling headphones are ideal for the plane and a power bank let’s you charge your camera or phone on the go.



Collapsible Water Bottle / Steripen / Door Stop Alarm

A collapsible water bottle and steripen are great gifts for women who travel. A steripen allows you to purify any water in just a few minutes meaning you can safely drink tap water wherever you are. A collapsible water bottle is perfect for traveling light.

Personal safety items are one of the best women’s travel gifts for solo female travels. This travel door stop alarm allows women traveling alone to wedge their hotel room door shut and have an alarm activate when someone tries to open the door from the outside. For peace of mind when traveling solo, it’s great.


Pashmina / Icebreaker Merino / Packable Down Jacket

Give the gift of warmth this winter! If you want to give something cosy to keep your friend or family member warm during their winter travels then a pashmina, Icebreaker merino base layer or a packable down jacket are ideal. These are some of the best women’s travel gifts for travel to cold weather destinations and something every traveler would appreciate receiving this winter.

Pashmina are not only great for cold weather travel, they can also be used year round as a comfy travel scarf. A pashmina is the ideal, packable item to wear on the plane to keep warm even if you’re jetting from a chilly home to a tropical destination.


Travel Pillow / Compression Socks / Passport Wallet

If you’re looking for good travel gifts for women who fly a lot then any of these three items are ideal. Everyone needs a good travel pillow for flying. Compression socks are a lifesaver when flying long haul. A passport wallet is a nice little gift you can give someone who flies a lot. All of these make ideal Christmas gifts for the traveling woman.


Travel Hair Dryer/ Travel Flat Iron / Solid Perfume / Travel Jewelry Roll

Traveling with a girly girl? Here are some cute travel gifts for her! A travel hair dryer or flat iron (hair straightener) are great for woman who travel but also like to take care of her appearance. Solid perfume works way better for travel than a liquid. And this handy jewelry case rolls flat and easy to pack but keeps your jewelry neat and secure when packed in a suitcase. All of these make lovely travel presents for women or teenage girls.


No Jet Lag / Jurlique Rosewater Mist / Hand Cream / Lip Balm

Here are four small gifts for the woman traveler to stay comfy, hydrated and fresh when flying a lot. These make great little stocking stuffer gift ideas for a traveling woman. You could even put together your own DIY travel kits for her with travel sized toiletry items too. Any of these would make the best gifts for traveling mom on the go.


Guide Books / Travel Journal / Travel Book

If you know where she’s going then a guidebook is one of the top travel gifts for her. If you’re looking for books that are more general travel inspired gifts for her, either a travel journal or a great travel coffee table book will do nicely.

Priority PassAncestry DNA Kit

If you’re looking for cool travel gifts for women that aren’t just “stuff” then these would both be great ideas. A priority pass membership gives you one year of access to business class and first class lounges at airports around the world. An ancestry DNA kit is a great, thoughtful gift ideas for woman traveler who is interested in where she comes from and how that relates to the parts of the world she travels to. If you’re looking for unique travel gifts for women who have everything then these are great ideas.


Gift for Traveler Woman - Travel Gift Ideas for Her

Questions or Comments on Travel Gift Ideas for Her

I hope my list of the best travel gifts for her will help you find the perfect gift for traveler woman in your life. If you’ve got a question or comment on these travel gift ideas for her, let me know in the comments below.

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