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Are you looking for the best crossbody bag for travel? In this post I’ve reviewed the best crossbody travel bags on the market in 2018 and come up with come recommendations for you. I’ve outlined some reasons why you should chose a cross body shoulder bag for your trip and I’ll give you some ideas on what key features to look for when selecting the best travel crossbody bag.

I’ll also let you know why a cross body bag is the best purse for travel. Leave your regular purse or handbag at home and let me help you find the best travel purse crossbody bag instead. My list of the best crossbody bags for travel will help you choose the perfect bag for your trip so let’s get started!

Don’t have time to read through my entire list of the best crossbody travel bags? I think the best cross body bag for travel is the Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag. It has antitheft technology, plenty of pockets and an external water bottle pocket. You can check prices and read more reviews of the bag here.


What You'll Find in This Post


Best Crossbody Bag for Travel 2018

Take a quick look at what I think are the best crossbody bags for travel 2018. You should be able to work out the best crossbody purse for travel based on your needs from looking through this table. Indepth reviews follow in the next sections for more information.

Crossbody Travel BagDimensions:Colors:Special FeaturesBest For:Price:

Travelon Anti-Theft Signature 3 Compartment Crossbody
29" shoulder drop
11.5" high
13.75" wide

Weight = 1.1lb
5 available
(black, red, purple, khaki & grey)
- 3 front compartments (two with locks)
- Rear zip pocket
- Slash-proof construction
- Adjustable, cut-proof straps
- LED light
- RFID blocking slots
Women who want a fashionable travel purseCheck Prices

Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag
27" shoulder drop
11" high
10" wide
4.5" deep

Weight = 14.4oz
5 available
(black, stone, khaki, chocolate & navy)
- Lockable central and rear compartments
- Front compartment with flap
- Two external zip up water bottle pockets
- Slash-proof construction
- Adjustable, cut-proof straps
- LED light
- RFID blocking slots
All-round travel bagCheck Prices

Pacsafe Metrosafe LS200 Anti-Theft Shoulder Bag
26.5" shoulder drop
11" high
9" wide
2.6" deep

Weight = 1.2lb
4 available
(black, green, red & sandstone)
- Lockable central compartment with iPad sleeve
- Front compartment with flap and lock
- Rear zip pocket
- Two external domed water bottle pockets
- Slash-proof construction
- Adjustable, cut-proof straps
- RFID blocking slots
Great for men (or women who want less fuss)Check Prices

eBags Piazza Day Bag
24" shoulder drop
9" high
9" wide
3.5" deep

Weight = 12oz
6 available
(black, grey, indigo, eggplant, stone & espresso)
- Two front pockets, one with flap
- Spacious central compartment
- Water bottle pocket on one side and zippered pocket on the other
- Adjustable strap
- Lightweight
Lightweight bag with tonnes of compartmentsCheck Prices

Baggallini Horizon Crossbody
26" shoulder drop
10.5" high
10" wide
1.5" deep

Weight = 9oz
13 available
(many colors, prints & stripes)
- Two small zippered front pockets and one deep domed front pocket
- Central compartment and rear zip pocket
- Adjustable strap
- Removable coin purse
- Lightweight
Lightweight but simple cross body bagCheck Prices


Bethaney at the Taj Mahal at Dawn, India

This is me touring the Taj Mahal and wearing my favorite cross body travel bag!

Why a Crossbody Travel Bag is the Best Travel Purse

Using a dedicated travel cross body bag is much better than just a regular purse or crossbody bag. When you travel you need a bag that can take you from the airport, to sightseeing around Europe, double as a camera bag, carry a water bottle & guidebook as well as all your day to day needs like a wallet and other travel accessories. You need to keep your bag organised so having multiple pockets is essential.

Cross body bags make the best travel handbags because the can carry a lot of weight and distribute it easily across your shoulder and keep your arms free to snap photos, read maps or hold onto a child if you’re traveling with kids. A cross body bag is the best purse for travel because they are large enough to fit everything you need for the day, comfortable to wear and still somewhat stylish.

Cross body purses are best travel bags for Europe because of the anti theft technology that many of them have. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your bag can’t be slashed from the bottom or shoulder strap if you choose a cross body bag with anti theft features. Keep your credit cards safe with RFID protective pockets. To avoid pickpockets, many of the dedicated cross body bags for travel have latches on the zippers meaning they can’t be subtly slid upon while you’re looking elsewhere.


What to Look for in a Crossbody Bag for Travel

  • Size – You need to pick a bag large enough to fit your camera, a guidebook, a water bottle and your wallet. It needs to sit comfortably against your body without protruding to much. An adjustable shoulder strap is also really useful if you’re shorter or taller than average.
  • Compartments – Having a bag with multiple compartments is essential for you to stay organised and get your hands on what you need when you need it. I find it most useful to keep like items together in compartments. My wallet, passport & phone go in one (lockable) compartment. In another I keep my camera, guidebook and waterbottle. Little bits and pieces like lip balm, hand sanitzer and tissues go in another.
  • Anti-theft technology – I think this is essential when picking the best travel crossbody purse as you want your items to be as secure as possible when you travel. Losing a camera full or precious pictures or getting your wallet nabbed could ruin any vacation. Anti-theft technology like slash proof mesh through the body of the bag or a slash proof wire through the shoulder strap can stop bag slashers in their tracks. Lockable compartments are ideal for keeping your passport, money and valuables secure when you’ve got your eyes on the sights while wandering a city. RFID proof compartments for credit cards and passports keep your digital information safe.
  • Style – No one wants an ugly travel purse! Black is an safe choice in most cases and will look like a regular handbag or purse. Many of the bags I’ve mentioned in my list of the best travel bags below come in multiple colors so you can pick one that matches the color scheme you’ve chose for your travel wardrobe. None of the anti-theft technology these bags have is overly obvious either.


5 Best Travel Crossbody Bag Reviews

Read through my reviews below and get some more info on the choices for the best cross body purse for travel.

Travelon Anti-Theft Signature 3 Compartment Crossbody

The best handbag for travel that also looks good

This is the best crossbody travel purse in my opinion and the one I choose to use myself. It’s practical and functional but most importantly for me it actually looks good. It could pass as a normal handbag and doesn’t look too “travel-y” especially in black. It looks great on and the antitheft tech makes it on of the best cross body bag for travel in Europe.

What’s great about this bag:

  • Travelon anti-theft features including slashproof mesh throughout the bag, a slashproof shoulder strap, RFID pockets for credit cards and passport, locking zippers
  • Four zippered compartments including a large central compartment with LED light which has enough room for a guidebook, my Sony a6000 mirrorless camera and at least a 500mL water bottle (I could get a one liter bottle in if there was no book), slim back pocket and two front zippered pockets
  • Adjustable strap so great for shorter or taller than average people, strap clips off so you can lock the bag to a table or chair while seated
  • Looks like a regular shoulder bag, can be worn across the body or just on the shoulder (as in the picture of me at the top of this post)

What’s not to like:

  • No dedicated water bottle pocket on the exterior of the bag (although this would ruin the look of this bag in my opinion) but you could use a collapsible bottle like this which could be attached to the strap via the loop

Price: Click here to get prices on the Travelon Anti-Theft Signature 3 Compartment Crossbody travel purse.



Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag

One of the best selling crossbody bags

Travelon’s most popular crossbody bag has all of their antitheft features and is one of the best crossbody for travel if you want a functional bag for travel abroad. Ideally suited for women and comes in a range of colors.

What’s great about this bag:

  • All the usual Travelon antitheft technology like slashproof mesh body and shoulder strap, internal RFID pockets and locking zippers
  • Roomy central compartment, back pocket with card slots & LED light and front pocket hidden by flap
  • Two external water bottle pocket that can be expanded out or zipped up, could also be used for an umbrella or sunglasses
  • Adjustable strap with clip so you can strap it around a table or chair leg while in a cafe

What’s not to like:

  • Less fashionable looking than the above Travelon bag in my opinion

Price: Click here to get prices on the Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Messenger Bag.


Pacsafe Metrosafe LS200 Anti-Theft Shoulder Bag

The best crossbody bag for guys

This is the best over the shoulder travel bag for guys because it has a more masculine feel and certainly doesn’t look like a purse. Would also work for women who want a sleek, practical cross body travel bag.

What’s great about this bag:

  • Antitheft technology like mesh body, wire reinforced shoulder strap and RFID pockets
  • Main compartment with a 10″ tablet sleeve, it’s also large enough to store a DSLR camera
  • Front locking pocket covered by flap, rear non-locking pocket and two side pockets so lots of ways to organise your bag
  • Padded cary handle in addition to shoulder strap

What’s not to like:

  • Turn & lock mechanism isn’t as easy to use as Travelon’s clips on shoulder strap
  • Heaviest of the travel bags reviewed in this post at 1.2lbs

Price: Click here to get prices for the Pacsafe Metrosafe LS200 Anti-Theft Shoulder Bag.


eBags Piazza Day Bag

The best travel crossbody bag without antitheft technology

If you’re prepared to sacrifice the antitheft technology of the previous three crossbody travel bags then this bag by eBags is a good choice. Removing the antitheft mesh obviously makes the bag more lightweight. If you’re conscious of how much you can carry on your shoulder then this bag is an excellent buy as it still has similar compartments and functionality of the other bags. This is also a bag that could be worn by men.

What’s great about this bag:

  • Two front pockets, one with a flap, and roomy central compartment
  • External water bottle pocket on one side and small zippered pocket on the other
  • eBags lifetime warranty
  • Lightweight bag only weights 12 oz

What’s not to like:

  • No antitheft technology

Price: Check prices on the eBags Piazza Day Bag here.


Baggallini Horizon Crossbody

The best lightweight crossbody bag

What’s great about this bag:

  • Central compartment with organisational panel and a back zippered pocket
  • Two small front zippered pockets in front of a magnetic closure pocket which would be useful for non valuables that you need to take in and out easily like a map or guidebook or your boarding pass when at the airport
  • Super lightweight at only 9oz
  • Removable coin purse

What’s not to like:

  • No antitheft technology
  • No side pockets or water bottle pocket

Price: Check prices and see the range of prints and colors for the Baggallini Horizon Crossbody by clicking here.


Wearing my crossbody travel bag in Hong Kong

Questions on Choosing the Best Crossbody Travel Bags?

If you’ve got a question of comment about choosing a cross body bag for travel then just let me know below and I’d be happy to help you make a decision! I think a crossbody bag is the best purse for international travel and I’m sure you will too once you give it a go!


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Choosing the Best Cross Body Bag for Travel

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  • Donna

    I’ve travelled with a PacSafe cross body bag for years. A few weeks ago i saw the Bagallini cross body bags and will be updating for my next trip. They are awesome and competitively priced in many great colours. My local gift store stocks them as well so very handy.

  • Sabrina

    Do you find the one you are wearing in the photos to be comfortable all day on neck and shoulders?

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