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If you’ve got a theme park trip coming up then you need to find the best shoes for Disney! The best shoes to wear to Disney or any other theme park for that matter, depend a little on what time of year you visit, the park you’re going to and what your plans are for your trip. Whether you’re looking for the best shoes for Disney World in Orlando or you’re seeking the best walking shoes for Disneyland in Anaheim or abroad, we have come up with the ultimate list of comfortable shoes for Disney and other theme parks.

Travel tip: Remember if you’re planning a Disneyland trip and you’re from outside the US, you will need to complete an ESTA form before your flight. You can fill in your ESTA form online. 


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Best Shoes to Wear to Disneyland and Theme Parks

What to Look for in the Best Shoes to Wear to Disney

  • Comfort, comfort, comfort! You absolutely must find comfortable shoes for Disneyland. A day out at any theme park ends up being a long one with a lot of walking involved. Finding the most comfortable shoes for Disney World or other theme parks is essential if you want to make it through the day in one piece.
  • Lightweight and packable. Good shoes for Disney World have to be lightweight and easy to pack. You’re going on vacation after all.
  • Breathable. When considering what shoes to wear to Disney World, definitely take into account how breathable your shoes are. A day out at Disney can leave your feet hot, sweaty and smelly so make sure you pick shoes that let your feet breath a little.
  • Broken in! Do not wear brand new shoes on your first day in the theme park. The best shoes to wear at Disney are ones that you have broken in. Blisters from new shoes would be a nightmare on a theme park vacation. Buy a new pair of Disney walking shoes but wear them in at home before your visit to the park.
I can walk all day in my Sketchers Go Walk sneakers!

I can walk all day in my Sketchers Go Walk sneakers!

Best Sandals for Disney

These Croc Sandals are super comfy for wearing all day in hot weather and waiting in long lines!

Best Shoes for Disney

My list of the best shoes for Disney World 2017 will help you pick the perfect pair of shoes to get you through a long, hot day at a theme park. These are my picks for the best walking shoes for Disney World, Disneyland and any other theme parks you might be visiting on your vacation. Read through my list of the best walking shoes for theme parks below and let me know if you have any questions!


Sketchers Go Walk 4

Our pick for the most comfortable shoes for Disney!

I think Sketchers are  the best walking shoes for Disney World or any other theme park. I’ve worn mine in Disney World Orlando, Disneyland Hong Kong and at Disneyland in Anaheim and think they are definitely the most comfortable shoes for Disneyland. I have plantar fasciitis and find the shoes keep my heels from aching.

If you’ve got a busy day of chasing kids and running for fast passes then these are the best shoes for walking around Disney. They’re so comfortable thanks to the memory foam inner sole. The uppers are made of lightweight, breathable mesh and the foot bed is lined with bamboo which is anti-bacterial for odor control.


Skechers Performance Women’s Go Walk 4 A.D.C. All Day Comfort Walking Shoe

Our pick for the best walking shoes for Disney for long days!

If you’re looking for the best shoes for walking around Disney World all day long then look no further than this pair! These Sketchers sneakers are designed for all day comfort so they’re the best shoes to wear to Disney World if you plan on being there from open to close.

They’re still lightweight and breathable like the Go Walk sketchers above but they also have laces for extra support. You can wear these shoes over and over again and they’re still comfy! They also have the same bamboo inner sole so they don’t get smelly either. Great for back to back days at theme parks!


Crocs Women’s Patricia Miniwedge Sandal

Our pick for the best sandals for Disney World!

These are the best walking sandals for Disney World. While sneakers are probably my preferred shoe for a theme park due to the amount of walking involved, sometimes it’s just too darn hot for sneaker! Sandals like these are probably the best shoes for Disney World in the summer when temperatures and humidity are high. These Croc sandals are the best sandals for walking at Disney because they are lightweight and comfortable. They have arch support and they’re not completely flat so can be worn for longer periods of time. Much more comfy than flip flops but still just as convenient.

If you are doing back to back days at a theme park, then I wouldn’t recommend wearing sandals every day. Definitely bring a pair of sneakers as well.


If you’re after a sport sandal then these are the best shoes to walk around Disney. Sport sandals are a great option when wondering what shoes to wear in Disney World to combat the high humidity in summer months. Your feet won’t get sticky or stinky in these sport sandals. They are very breathable and will dry quickly if you get wet on Splash Mountain.


Nike Women’s Flyknit Lunar3 Running Shoe

Our pick for the best sneakers for Disney World 

If you want a running shoe rather than the walking sneakers I have mentioned above then these Nikes are the best shoes for Disney Parks. They’re lightweight and breathable so they’re definitely some of the best shoes to wear at Disneyland. If you’re a busy mom on the go these are ideal for running for fast passes or racing between queues. They’re some of the best shoes to wear in Disney World if you need to cover a lot of distance in one day.

Aerosoles Women’s Conchlusion Gladiator Sandal

If you’re looking for stylish shoes for Disneyland then these Aerosoles are a good choice. If you’re wearing these sandals Disney World or any theme park can still be fashionable. These Aerosoles sandals have good cushioning and can be comfortable for longer than regular sandals thanks to the arch support. If it’s a hot day out and you still want to look cute then these are great shoes to wear at Disney World.


Keds Minnie Sneaker

Our pick for the best women’s shoes for Disney World for Minnie lovers!

If you’re looking for fun Minnie-themed shoes to wear to Disney World then these Keds sneakers are awesome. They come in a couple of different prints and colors including red and blue so you can go for a top to toe Minnie look! These fashion sneakers are made by Keds so they’re still good walking shoes for Disney World though if you’ve got a tonne of walking to do it might be better to sacrifice the style for one of our more comfy shoes for Disney above.


Best Shoes for Kids at Disney

My kids can go all day in their Crocs and Croc Sandals! Especially in the hot weather, these shoes are perfect for Disney.

Best Shoes for Kids at Disney

The best Disneyland shoes for kids are basically the same that you’d look for in adults – comfy, breathable and lightweight. Make sure your kids have broken in any new shoes you buy them for a theme park trip.

Crocs Kids Clog

If think these Croc clogs or sandals are the best kids’ shoes for Disney World or theme parks. They are comfy walking shoes for Disney that are lightweight and breathable. You can easily wash them in the hotel sink at night if they get dirty or sticky from too many Dole whips!


KEEN Kids’ Sandals

These kids KEEN sandals are also some of the best shoes to wear at Disney World. They are easy for kids to run around in and offer great support. They’re light and ventilated so won’t get smelly. They will stay on little feet that are dangling from a high ride too. No chance of losing these!


Disney Minnie Toddler Slingback Sandal

For toddlers in strollers who don’t need to walk long distances through the theme park, these are really cute Disney World shoes.


Put your feet up post-Disney!

Other Things to Keep Your Feet Comfy After a Long Theme Park Day

There are a few other things you can do to keep your feet from aching after a long day at a theme park. Aside from picking the best shoes for walking at Disney you can grab a few things like this to care for your feet before you head out for the day and to treat them when you get back to the hotel. Particularly if you’re doing back to back theme park visits.

  • Put your feet up after a busy day at Disneyland! If you’re spending 6+ hours walking around in the feet you are going to need to put your feet up after a long day. Luckily our room at the Hyatt House Anaheim had a view of Radiator Springs and the Guardians of the Galaxy Mission Breakout tower!
  • Give your feet a quick ice bath when you get back to the hotel. I did this after each visit. Grab some ice from the ice machine, put it in the bath with a little cold water and soak your feet!
  • Antichafe balm – Can be used on feet but also great for the thighs to prevent them rubbing.
  • Foot powder – To keep your feet from getting smelly and for refreshing shoes after a long day.
  • Plantar Fasciitis Heel Cushion Foot Sleeve – If you get heel pain I highly recommend these sleeves!
  • Foot cream – Moisturize your feet, particularly your heels, after a long day of walking.
  • Foot soak with epsom salts – Can revive your body after a long day.


Questions on What Shoes to Wear to Disneyland or Other Theme Parks?

Still wondering what shoes to wear at Disney World or Disneyland? Remember when you’re looking for the best shoes for Disney walking for miles and dealing with the heat are the main things you need to consider. Above all else choose shoes that are comfortable and give your feet some tender loving care at the end of a long day at the park.


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The Best Shoes to Wear to Disney and Other Theme Parks

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