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Taking a holiday as a large group is never a simple affair. It’s difficult to please every single person all the time, especially when there are generation gaps at play. Planning a multi-generational holiday can be a really good idea though. You can make the most of your annual leave by holidaying as a group rather than having to take long weekends to Grandma’s house. Having grandparents, uncles and aunts around to help lend a hand with the kiddies could allow you some precious time alone with your spouse. Financially, the grandparents might even kick in for part of the cost if they have the funds to do so.


Take a Cruise

According to a recent article in The Daily Mail 15 to 20% of cruisers are part of a multi-generational group. And it makes sense! Cruises are designed to cater for the broadest range of passengers so are the perfect choice for a families. Grandparents will love the shows and games, parents will love the spas and bars and the kids will go nutty over the swimming pools and kids’ clubs. Check out if you’re looking for cruise inspiration.


Rent a Large Vacation Home

If you all get along, renting a large vacation home with room for everyone could be a good idea. Airbnb and VRBO are great places to search for vacation homes. You can search for rentals with multiple bedrooms and bathrooms big enough to fit even the largest extended family. Best of all, you’ll find them almost everywhere you want to go.


Fountains at The Bellagio, Las Vegas

Meet in a Central Location

Pick a touristy spot that has cheap flights from every family members’ location. If you’re in the US, pick a city like Las Vegas. Vegas has flights from most cities across the country, lots of accommodation options to suit every budget and comfort level and many & varied activities to suit each generation.


Head to an All-Inclusive Resort

Similar to a cruise, an all-inclusive resort takes the pressure off Mum from preparing meals and looking after the kids. Parents can relax knowing that kids will be happily occupied with activities and clubs. Activities on hand for parents and grandparents run the gamut – spa treatments, water sports, classes. You can do as much as you like at an all-inclusive resort or just sit back and read a book by the pool.


Go Camping

Keep it simple and just go camping. If the budget is tight, rustle up some tents and sleeping bags and just hit the road with the family. Camping affords a certain closeness so probably only suited for the closest of extended families.



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