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Park City is one of the best little towns in America. If you love to ski or just want a holiday getaway to somewhere snowy and atmospheric, Park City is a great choice for a weekend or week-long winter vacation.

I’m a huge fan of this city. We spent 2.5 months in Park City at the start of 2015 and we’re spending another two months here this winter. Let me share what I love about Park City, what to do in Park City, why it’s so great and why you should make Park City your one trip this winter.


Park City - The Best Trip You'll Take This Winter

Why Visit Park City this Winter?


Park City Mountain Resort Chairlist

Park City has amazing powder.

Park City snow is legendary. There’s something about the Park City powder that makes it so good. It’s dry and fluffy, which has to do with the way it rolls in from across the Great Salt Lake. Park City snow makes for great skiing and snowboarding. Skiing is, of course, one of the main things to do Park City, Utah.

Park City Mountain Resort

$50 million dollars has just been pumped into Park City Mountain. This makes it the largest ski resort in the US by area thanks to the new gondola linking Park City Mountain with Canyons Resort. Deer Valley Resort, which is ski only, is consistently rated as one of the top three ski resorts by SKI Magazine.

The Park City altitude is quite manageable for most people. The elevation of Park City is 6,900 feet at the base of the mountain and the top elevation of Park City Mountain is 10,000 feet. You might get a touch out of breath climbing stairs, but that’s about it. Park City, Utah elevation is a couple thousand feet less than the Colorado ski resorts making it easier on the body.


Driving to Park City from Fox Bay, Utah

Getting to Park City is a breeze.

Where is Park City, Utah? Only half an hour from Salt Lake City, its close proximity to a major city makes Park City much easier to access than similar resorts in other states like Colorado and California. Salt Lake City is the largest hub airport close to Park City Utah. Salt Lake to Park City is an easy drive even in winter.

Rent a car in Salt Lake if you plan on exploring a lot or if you’re travelling with kids.  You can also take a shuttle up to Park City as once you’re in town you won’t even need a car, especially if you’re in ski-in/ski-out accommodations. Park City transportation is simple thanks to the free buses that ply the city, connecting the ski resorts and hotels in Park City and the surrounding areas.


Snow Boots, Park City, Utah

Park City has food, culture and history.

Historic Main Street Park City is incredibly charming, with brick and wooden storefronts preserved and converted into boutiques and restaurants. This historic little town has been around since the mid-1800s and was once a functioning mining town. Learn a little more about Park City at the history museum in town.

There are some great Park City restaurants. Along Main Street you’ll find high end dining, great pub fare and casual creperies. Riverhorse on Main has great atmosphere or try out Chimayo for outstanding Southwestern cuisine.

In late January, celebrities and film buffs flock to Park City for the annual Sundance Film Festival. Sundance can make it tough to find Park City hotels so book ahead. You can pick up tickets to films on the day of, which often include Q&As with directors and cast afterwards. If you’re in town during Sundance, you’ll find the slopes surprisingly empty, compared to normal, making it a great time to ski.


Reuben Snowboarding

Park City is GREAT for kids!

Park City Mountain is one of the best family ski resorts in North America. Learning to ski or snowboard on the powder in Park City is a must, even if you just try one lesson during your visit. Kids as young as three years can take ski lessons or as young as four years for snowboarding. There’s also child care available at the resorts if you want a day to ski by yourself.

Hazel Tubing at Gorgoza Park, Park City

Aside from ski school at Park City Mountain and Deer Valley Resort, there are a ton of things to do in Park City with kids. Of the many Park City attractions, riding the Alpine Coaster, and tubing at Gorgoza Park are probably the most fun. Other great things to do in Park City with kids include sleigh rides, ten pin bowling and visiting the Swaner Nature Preserve. (I’ve got a full post on things to do in Park City coming to my blog soon so stay tuned.)


Vacation Rental, Fox Bay, Park City, Utah

Reuben Stomping in the Snow, Park City


Park City has it all.

Amazing powder, charm, history and great restaurants. There is so much to love about Park City. There are many hotels in Park City or ski-in/ski-out vacation rentals to choose from. It’s simple to get to Park City and once you’re there it’s easy to get around. Park City is one of the most family-friendly places we’ve visited in America. It’s a little town that really has it all. If you only plan one trip this winter, make it Park City.



This post was sponsored by Visit Park City.

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  • Marie

    Looking at the pics, this really seems great for winter vacation. There are lots of adventures that can be done and it is nice that it is fun for children as well.

  • Brenda Tolentino

    It would be so much fun to watch movies during the Sundance Festival. Love the great powdery snow you describe, in the tri-state NYC area, we mostly get icy conditions. So lovely to see how much fun the kids are having!

  • Anda

    I envy you for spending the winter in Park City, Utah. I love that place. We used to go skiing there every winter for many years, but lately we settled for Lake Tahoe. I miss Deer Valley though and that perfect snow that Utah brags about.

  • jen

    I’ve been to Park City in the summer, but never when there was snow on the ground. Such a quaint town. I second your recommendation – it’s a great place to visit.

  • Economical Excursionists

    You often see places like Colorado being talked about for good ski places, but rarely is Utah a “top must” kind of place. I bet that means it is much more affordable and less crowded which are big perks in my opinion!

  • Kathrin

    I don’t ski, but I think I would enjoy spending time in Park City anyway! It looks so winterly – perfect for a Christmas trip. I’m sure there are a lot of other things to do in the city as well if you can’t ski, and I would love to hike through the winter landscape.

  • Doreen Pendgracs

    Looks like your kids are having an amazing time in Park City! When I was their age, I, too, used to enjoy playing in the snow. Now … not so much.

  • Lesley

    This sounds like a great getaway for my family. We love tubing and Athena has never been on a sleigh ride.

  • Tara

    Oh my GOD the baby tubing! That photo is too precious. Park City looks gorgeous. I hope I get to visit one day.

  • Dave Briggs

    Just when I think I have settled on a winter sun vacation, I read this, and start debating a winter snow vacation all over again! Looks like a great place to ski!

  • Erin

    Ooh, Park City sounds like a lovely place to go skiing. So tempting…

  • Toni | 2 Aussie Travellers

    What a great spot for a winter holiday, the kids look like they are having an amazing time. Baby all padded up in the snow suit and rubber ring is just too adorable!

  • Jessica

    A great find for a best trip in Winter. I don’t mind to spend a month or two in Park City. Looks like I will be enjoying so much the activities, food and everything around. You convinced me. 😉

  • Rob

    Looks like a great winter escape. I had no idea that Sundance was held in Park City. It would be cool to rub shoulders with the cast and crew of the films of Sundance.

  • Nancy

    Park City sounds like a fabulous winter destination. I am always looking for family-friendly ski destinations and appreciate the travel tips re: Park City. Wow – a $50 million dollar investment! Park City must be spectacular.

  • Meg Jerrard

    I’ve only been through Utah during summer, though I love the idea of dry and fluffy snow! It’s the best kind! I’ll have to plan for a trip back through during wniter. We’ve never tried our hand at skiing before, though I love just hiking and playing around in the snow – maybe we’ll find some beginning ski classes too!

  • Joe Ankenbauer

    Park City is an amazing place! I first went skiing here back in the early 2000’s. It’s hard to believe it’s been that long haha! It’s still just as gorgeous!

  • Sue @NoFixedAbodeForSue

    I agree with you about the kids school my kids loved it. We visited a few years ago just after Park City had hosted the olympics and loved it. I particularly liked how you could ski right into town

  • antonette - we12travel

    I’m so bummed we don’t live closer to the mountains so we can go skiing more often. The nearest place i 4 hrs driving in Germany but there is snow just about a month each year, with a bit of luck. Would love to ski in Utah, have driven past many ski resorts in the summer and their mountains look awesome!

  • Mar

    Om my, your kids look sooo cute! I love that the area is not just a ski resort but also has some history. The powder snow looks lush, ready for the ski season I hear everyone. I will be going to the Alps in a week so excited about seeing the snow and playing like children too!

  • Chris

    Okay, I’ll concede I’d never heard of Park City before today, so after reading the post I ‘Googled’ it.

    Any idea why it’s called ‘Park City’ with a population of only 7,500 people?

    I’d have thought Town or Village more appropriate 🙂

    Is there history to it, like ‘The Town of Dawson City’ up in the Yukon?

    I couldn’t find anything to suggest the population has ever been much higher, hence my curiosity…


  • Colleen Lanin

    So exciting…I’m headed to Park City this weekend! Can’t wait!

  • Gemma

    Never mind the kids, I want to a go of that dingy! I’ve heard lots about Utah’s skiing, our friends (who live in Miami, go figure!) spend their Christmas skiing there every year. I would love that life! I’m now a pro skier, after two days at Whistler (jokes!)

  • Jen Joslin

    Family skiing trips are some of my favorite memories from my childhood. So amazing you are spending two months in the mountains! I’ve never been to Utah, but Park City looks well worth visiting! Interesting to know that the slopes are virtually empty when Sundance is going on. I guess the trick then would be finding reasonably priced accommodation!

  • arvin

    I;ll be in Arches National Park this month, thinking of extending the trip to Park City, it will be great to check out Historic Main Street

  • Elizabeth

    I really like Park City. It is a real town in addition to a ski town so there is a sense of community about it. We have been there in the summer and it is great in summer as well- there is lots to do. And plenty of accommodation.

  • Reply

    Wow, looks like you had an amazing time. I’ve never been near Utah but if I ever get there, I’ll look Park City up. Not much of a snow gal but you’ve got me sold!

  • Karla | karlaroundtheworld

    I haven’t tried skiing ever but I have been wanting to. Love this park city and how it is kid friendly. I am visiting my nephews in UTAH next year perhaps, I can take them here.

  • Kimberly Erin @

    I am not much of a skiier, or snowboarder, but I would not mind going snow shoeing in a place like this….or hanging out in a little chalet drinking hot chocolate….I mean..I guess I am feeling a little girlie about winter holidays 😛

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