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We recently tested out the Spirit Big Front seat to see if it was worth it. The Spirit Airlines Big Front seat reviews we read online before our flight made it seem worth it… but was it?

We paid an extra $152.00 for four Big Front seats on our flight from LAX to IAH in July 2017. This is a cost of $38 per seat to upgrade to the Big Front seats. Was it worth it?

Our flight time was 3 hours 22 mins so paying an extra $38 seemed like a no brainer especially when reading the reviews of Spirit’s regular seats (thin seats, no padding, no recline, narrow and little legroom).


Spirit Big Front Seat Review: Is It Worth It?



Spirit Airlines check in counter at LAX


Pre-flight service on Spirit was great. There were no lines at the check in at LAX. Our checked bags were a little overweight (Spirit only gives you 40 lbs instead of the usual 50 lbs that most airlines do) but the check in staff didn’t seem to care. We already had out boarding passes printed ourselves and we had the bags dropped and were off through security in under five minutes.

I did wonder if they were more lenient on our baggage weight because we had big front seats! I have heard their check in staff are usually pretty strict on weight and size of both checked and carry on bags but we had no issues.


Reuben eating a grilled cheese at LAX

Reuben eating a grilled cheese at LAX
Get a snack or meal before you board your Spirit flight as there is not much on board!


Spirit Big Front Seats Review

Spirit Big Front Seats – Two across at the front two rows of the plane

What Do the Spirit Big Front Seats Look Like?

The Spirit Big Front seats look like the first class seats on other domestic carriers in the US. We have flown in Alaska and Delta’s first class cabins on domestic US flights and these seats were comparable. Just as comfy, if not slightly more so than Delta’s.


Sprit Big Seats Review

Front the side, notice the ample leg room.


Spirit Airlines Big Front Seat Trip Report

Plenty of legroom for even the tallest passengers


Legroom on Spirit Airlines Big Front Seats

Legroom on Spirit Airlines Big Front Seats


The different in pitch (space between your seat and the seat in front of you) on Spirit Airlines is quite small. A measly 28″ of seat pitch and a seat width of only 17.75″. In other words, the economy rows are close together with narrow seats.

Spirit Airlines Big Front seat has is a much more generous 36″ seat pitch and the seat width is 20″ wide plus you get a large arm rest. There are two seats per row compared with three across in economy.

Because there is no middle seat, there is a nice spot to place your bags at your feet between the two seats in front. (Spirit normally charges for any carry on bags that don’t fit under the seat in front however they flight attendants didn’t seem to mind for us and put most of them up in the overhead locker. Perhaps because we were in the front row as well.)


Legroom on Spirit Big Front Seat

Look at all that legroom!

Moveable headrest Spirit Big Seat Review

Adjustable head rest for me!

Seat Comfort

Our seats were big, comfortable leather seats. They were squishy and soft. I gave the economy seats in the row behind to see if they were as hard as people made them out to be in Spirit seat reviews online and they were indeed pretty rigid.

The Spirit Big Front seats had adjustable head rests. The economy seats did not. The large central arm rest was also very comfortable and nice to have throughout the flight.


Wide Arm Rest on Spirit Big Seats

Wide arm rest was extra comfy


Spirit Airlines Big Front Seats Reviews

In-flight Comfort

The flight was honestly really quick and painless, thanks mostly to our seats. There isn’t really any service on board Spirit unless you want to pay for your drinks or buy scratch cards. We bought our own snack and entertainment.

Reuben relaxing on Spirit Airlines, using his own ipad for entertainment

Reuben relaxing on Spirit Airlines, using his own iPad for entertainment


Taking off from LAX

Taking off from LAX


The rest of the cabin on Spirit Airlines

The rest of the cabin on Spirit Airlines – looks cramped!


Plenty of Room to Relax

Plenty of room to relax – Lee is 5’10” and had plenty of legroom to stretch out in his Spirit Big Front Seat

Verdict: Is the Spirit Big Front Seat Worth It?

Absolutely yes! The Spirit Big Front Seat is well worth the $38 we paid for it. For the legroom and seat comfort you get compared to the regular Spirit economy seats, I think this was $152 well spent.

I would absolutely fly Spirit Airlines again. Our flight and arrived earlier than scheduled and was very comfortable. I would, however, be very reluctant to travel with Spirit Airlines if the Big Front seats weren’t available. The economy seats did not look comfortable and the rest of the cabin looked cramped to me.

Spirit Airlines Big Front seats, tested and approved by us!

We were in no way compensated for our Spirit Big Front seats review. I paid for the tickets and just wanted to share my opinion with you. 🙂


Have you flown on Spirit? Would you fly them again? I’d love to hear your opinion on their regular seats vs the Big Front seats.


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Spirit Airlines Big Front Seat Review: Is it worth it?

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  • Fabiola Anixter

    Hi Is it worth to purchase the big front seat if travel with a pet? I have 17lb pound dog and the bag requirements are 18 L x 14 w x 9 H. The big front seat underneth is 20 in w x 17 in L x 11 in H. I believe those are the measurements and from the looks of your pictures. I think my dog will be more comfortable with the big front seats than the economy seats. Please share your thoughts. Thank You.

    • Bethaney Davies

      You’d have to book a seat in the the second row as there is no underseat storage in the first. 🙂

    • Kendra

      This is very late but the bag requirements for pets do not change for big seats

  • Tony

    The Big Front Seat is certainly worth the money, Everything else about this airline is terrible.

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