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Wondering where to stay in Hong Kong? We think we found the best place to stay in Hong Kong with kids!

There are not many family friendly hotels in Hong Kong. Space is at an absolutely premium in this city. Every inch counts meaning many hotel rooms are often small. On my search for a Hong Kong hotel for family of 4 I came across the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Wan Chai. When comparing it to the other options in the city, the Cosmopolitan looked like best hotel to stay in Hong Kong for kids so we gave it a try. We spent five nights here in April.


The Cosmopolitan wins our award for best family hotel Hong Kong! Here’s why…

The Cosmopolitan Hotel is our pick for the best family accommodation in Hong Kong. Not only is it one of the only hotels we could find with a family room in Hong Kong, but the overall atmosphere, location and extra touched made our stay truly superb.

The Cosmopolitan Hotel is the perfect Hong Kong accommodation for family of 4 because the rooms have two queen sized beds. Not doubles, actual queen sized beds! It’s not easy finding this configuration in hotels outside of the United States but it works great for our family as we can put a kid + parent in each bed comfortably and get a good night’s sleep. No need to bring along portacribs or portable toddler beds.


Some of the features that make The Cosmopolitan Hotel the best place to stay in Hong Kong with family:


Check in at Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong

Smooth, welcoming check in for families and a snack pack for kids to enjoy while the settle in.


Hazel in bed in Hong Kong

Kid-sized amenities like bathrobes, slippers and toiletries for little ones.


Family room Hong Kong, Cosmoplitan Hotel

Family rooms with two queen sized beds are perfect for a family of four like ours. Beds were extraordinarily comfortable with high-quality linens. Absolutely spacious enough for two adults and two kids to share.


Luxurious Bathroom, Cosmopolitan HotelThe luxurious and spacious bathroom complete with a bath tub is ideal for families with little children.


Ocean Park Suite Hong Kong Family Room, Cosmopolitan Hotel

Ocean Park Suite


Bedroom Ocean Park Suite

Bedroom in Ocean Park Suite

Families will also love the fun Ocean Park suite which is decked out in fun, bright colours and has a separate sleeping area and sofa bed for kids.


Amenities for Children, Family Friendly Hotel Hong Kon

Amenities for Children,

Lots of personal touches make this a great suite to stay with kids on special occasions. Sure to build lots of precious family memories.


Reading Library at Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong for Families

A reading library is available for children to use on request. Great for bedtimes or rainy afternoons!


View of Happy Valley Racecourse Hong Kong

Fantastic views over Happy Valley Racecourse. It’s the closest hotel to Hong Kong’s famous horse racing track.


Free Wifi Device Hong Kong

A portable wifi hotspot to help you get around Hong Kong with ease.


Playground Opposite Cosmopolitan Hotel

A small playground right across the street from the hotel.


Playground near Happy Valley Racecourse Hong Kong

Playground near Happy Valley Racecourse Hong Kong

A fantastic large playground is located nearby, on the opposite side of Happy Valley Racecourse. The playground includes accessible play areas, swings and charts for children with different abilities.


Shuttle Transfer Cosmopolitan Hotel Hong Kong

Free shuttle transfers to the Central Station and nearby underground stations.


Have I convinced you?

If you’re looking for ideas where to stay in Hong Hong with kids, we cannot recommend The Cosmopolitan Hotel highly enough. It ranks #1 in our opinion for the top family friendly hotel Hong Kong has to offer and we were blown away at the quality and care given to young guests. If you’re looking for hotels with family rooms in Hong Kong, then you can not look past The Cosmopolitan. It is without a doubt the best best family accommodation Hong Kong has to offer.

Note that The Cosmopolitan Hotel will be rebranding to become the Dorset Wan Chai later in this year so keep an eye out for changes.


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Where to Stay in Hong Kong with Kids


Disclaimer: We were guests of The Cosmopolitan Hotel but this in no way influences the opinions we share on this blog.

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    I am in love!!! Hotels that go the extra mile to make rooms more accommodating for families. Those tiny robes, plush animals and reading library would put a smile on my kids faces for sure. I also love that they help you out with amenities like the shuttle and complimentary hot spot. Two thumbs up from me!

    • Bethaney Davies

      Yup. Absolutely! It makes such a HUGE difference to find a hotel that doesn’t just tolerate kids but welcomes them completely!

  • Allison

    What a great location! Love the view and the playground across the street.

    • Bethaney Davies

      The playground was a real winner. I would never have thought about picking a hotel based on proximity to a playground but I would now. 🙂

  • Robin

    That does look like a great choice for families. The kids’ amenities were so cute and thoughtful!

  • Louise

    This is perfect! How’s the area where this hotel is located? Did you feel safe? We’re traveling there with an almost 2 year old in October and safety is my main concern. 🙂 Thanks!

    • Bethaney Davies

      100% safe Louise. Absolutely zero issues. Hong Kong is a very safe feeling city.

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