When travelling around, be it somewhere new or somewhere totally familiar, you can never completely discount the possibility of a little bit of rain. It could be a total downpour, it might be high winds and showers, or it could be that irritating type of rain that just soaks you through without you realising it, but whatever it is, the main item of kit you need in your bag is of course a travel umbrella. To help you decide, we have reviewed the best travel umbrellas on the market, to make life that little bit easier for you.

Whilst you might think any old umbrella will do, it’s important to have one which is going to last, especially if you are heading off somewhere that doesn’t have a huge amount in the way of shops. Of course, you might also need an umbrella to shade you from the sun in particularly hot destinations, and in that case, you need to check whether your particular choice fits the bill.


Travel Umbrella Buying Guide for 2017



Lightweight Dupont Teflon Travel Umbrella

This is one of the best travel umbrella choices on the market, and it is certainly a stylish choice at that. Maybe you don’t want many colour options, and you simply want a black lightweight travel umbrella which will go with all your outfits and fit neatly into your bag – this fits the bill. A lifetime guarantee comes with this particular product, which is boasted to be virtually indestructible. Easy opening and closing comes with the automatic function, and the slip proof handle means you won’t struggle to hold it for long periods of time. This is a very strong compact travel umbrella, which has been reinforced to stand strong winds, as well as coming with a handy protective travel sleeve too.  

Check prices and get more information here.



Raines Automatic Open Mini Travel Umbrella

If you are looking for a small travel umbrella which comes in a variety of different colours and patterns, then this is a good option to go for. Priced reasonably, the quality is surprisingly high for the price, and this is also a very lightweight option. Tested to be windproof to high speeds, the umbrella folds down easily, and opens with a one push button, before folding down to a small size of around 7”. This sturdy travel umbrella is made of durable steel and has a nylon canopy, to withstand adverse weather. In terms of special extras, this particular umbrella is fairly standard, but the choice of colours does make it stand out.

Check prices and get more information here.


Oak Leaf Automatic Compact Umbrella

Those looking for one of the biggest bargains when it comes to a slimline travel umbrella then this particular option is a good one to go for. You are getting a true cost effective bargain here. Choose from black, red, or pink, whatever fits your mood. This is one of the best compact travel umbrella options, and is a strong and durable one too. Made from strong steel and water repellent fabric, this has a one button push option for ease of use, and is a fast responder too. The rubber grip also means you can easily hold it in strong winds. 

Check prices and get more information here.



Kolumbo Unbreakable Windproof Umbrella

One of the lightest travel umbrella choices on our list is also very cheap and compact. This is an umbrella which is available in a variety of different colours, so you can choose according to your clothes! When choosing the best small travel umbrella for your needs you need one which is also going to stand a decent amount of force, and this one has been tested over 5000 times and proven to stand winds up to 55mph. The frame itself flexes against the wind, so if it does go inside out, it springs back to its usual shape. This is a very sturdy considering its size, which makes it one of the best umbrella for travel options we have.

Check prices and get more information here.



StormProof Unbreakable Travel Umbrella

One of the cheapest products on our list of travel umbrella reviews, this particular umbrella comes in quite affordably, and there is a guarantee that if you don’t agree with their opinion of how good it is, they will send you your money back. Basically, this is one of the travel umbrella best options because it is windproof and claims to be unbreakable. The frame is strong and durable, which means even in high winds there is little chance of it breaking in any considerable way. This is also a stylish option, which although only available in black, looks the part.

Check prices and get more information here.



EEZ-Y Compact Travel Umbrella

Out of the many travel umbrellas on our list, this is a good option, and a strong one at that. The frame work is durable and strong, so it is built to last during high winds. There is also a vented double canopy construction which allows wind to pass through the umbrella without ending up inside out. The product is also small, which folds up to around 11”, and opens and closes easily using one hand. We mentioned durability and one extra point to mention is that most umbrellas have 6 or 8 fibreglass ribs, but this one has 9, which gives it extra oomph.

Check prices for the EEZ-Y Compact Travel Umbrella here.



CrownCoast 60mph Windproof Travel Umbrella

We have reviewed many different windproof travel umbrellas on our list, and many don’t really stand out against each other, apart from the tiny little difference between them; this particular option however is great for those who want to invest in an umbrella which is going to last long-term. Tested to high standards, this has WindHero PRO technology, which basically means it is going to hold up against high winds, and it is going to last you too. The one handed button opening and closing mechanism making it easy to use, and the resistant flex memory frame means the frame will bounce back if the wind does make it turn the other way.  

Check prices for the CrownCoast 60mph Windproof Travel Umbrella here.



Vumos Mini Umbrella with Case

This is one of our small travel umbrellas which is truly ideal for travel, because it is so small and compact, and easily folded up and stored in a coat or bag on the go. At only $20, this is a bargain, and although it is only available in black, it is a stylish choice nonetheless. A waterproof case is included in the price, and the strong metal shaft and fibreglass ribs mean it is going to stand up against any strong winds or heavy rain which comes your way. There is also a lifetime guarantee, so you have total peace of mind.

Check prices on the amazing Vumos Mini Umbrella with Case by clicking here.



Solitary Walker Ultralight Five Folding Compact Mini Sun Umbrella

You might not have clear travel umbrella needs, i.e. it might not be the rain you want the umbrella to protect you against, but the sun. In that case, this particular product is ideal, and is easy to use too. You can choose between blue, green, pink, or yellow, and there are no all singing, all dancing functions here, as you literally manually open and close the umbrella, keeping it all together with a plastic buckle. Fantastic for shading you from the sun during those long days out walking, the umbrella is very lightweight, and can be stored in a jacket or bag without causing any major fuss.

Find prices and buy the Solitary Walker Ultralight Five Folding Compact Mini Sun Umbrella here. These ten travel umbrella choices should give you enough food for thought when coming to a decision on which one to invest in, and despite the fact they all have similar features, there are certainly tiny differences between them all, enough to help you find the product which suits your needs best.


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The Best Umbrellas for Travel

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