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Not having to wait until the weekend to have fun is one of the things I love about being a location independent family. We get to do interesting activities every day, as a family, while most other families only get Saturday and Sunday to spend quality time together.

We usually make an effort to avoid doing what everyone else is doing at the weekend. Why battle with crowded carparks and queues when we can do things midweek and avoid the hassle?

Sometimes the weather gets the best of us and we just have to get out and about on a Saturday or Sunday. This weekend we’ve had brilliant weather – hot and sunny with no chance of rain. Reuby and I decided to do our usual weekday routine on Saturday morning – a walk to the playground and a visit to Starbucks.

Mooloolaba Esplanade - The perfect place for little legs to run!

Checking the Surf Conditions

Playing in the Sculpture Garden

Chilling and People Watching

Babyccino and Gingerbread Man - The Perfect Morning Tea

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