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On a warm evening in Bangkok (are there any other kind?), we set out for a sunset drink over the city skyline. Dressed in our best travel clothes, which aren’t necessary that great but would have to do, we grabbed a taxi and headed off.

Our first port of call was the Lebua State Tower, famous for a few scenes in the movie “The Hangover: Part Two”. The building looked great from a distance stretching high into the skyline, away from many of the other skyscrapers and close to the river. Sadly we were turned away at the ground floor. They don’t admit children under seven or men with open-toed shoes. I didn’t want to go up alone so asked for a receommendation for an alternative sky bar and were directed to the Banyan Tree hotel.

Vertigo Bar, Banyan Tree Hotel, Bangkok

Another 15 minutes in a taxi and we reached the Banyan Tree Hotel. We were warmly welcomed on the 56th floor and our hostess informed us of the dress code but that she could offer Lee a loan pair of shoes. Women are not permitted to wear spaghetti strap tops, shorts, capri pants or flip flops. Men are not permitted to wear sleeveless shirts, shorts, open toed shoes or flip flops. The dress code for children wasn’t stated – we had Reuben dressed in long pants, a polo shirt and closed toe sandals which seemed to be fine.

Wonderful Dusky Sky and Bangkok City-Scape

The Vertigo bar on the 58th floor of the Banyan Tree Hotel offers a fantastic view across Bangkok city. Skyscrappers dotting the skyline, the city was lit up like Christmas. We didn’t get much of a sunset view, due to messing about at Lebua first, but the post-dusk sky looked wonderful. Just enough light from the already downed sun and other buildings to garner a good view across the city-scape.

From this height, it was a little disconcerting that all that lay between us and an almost 60-story drop was a small metal fence filled in with perspex sheeting. No nets! Needless to say, I had a firm grip on Reuben the entire time. Luckily for us, he was on his absolute best behaviour.

An Extremely Well-Behaved Reuben - Thank God!

We nabbed a fantastic little table on a corner and ordered a few drinks. We had three cocktails at 350B a pop – an apple martini for me, a banana creme conocoction for Lee and a strawberry daquiri to share. The free munchies were fantastic. We liked the wasabi peas and cashew nuts and Reuben yummed up thin, crisy slices of dried pumpkin in a sticky, sweet glaze.

Enjoying the View

We both got just the right amount of drunk while enjoying the spectacular views, staying until just after dark.

Bangkok After Dark

The Flashpacker Family - Looking Rather Flash!


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