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Woohoo! You’ve booked your tickets and now you just need to decide what to pack for Vegas! When deciding what to wear in Las Vegas, know that in Vegas… anything goes! You will see people dressed to the nines, alongside others wearing tracksuits & sneaker.

Deciding on your clothes for Vegas will depend on what your trip to Vegas is all about. Are you going for a bachelorette weekend, to see shows, hit the spa, lounge by the pool, indulge at buffets… or all of the above?

Time of year will also hugely affect what to wear to Vegas. What to wear in Vegas in January differs dramatically compared to what to wear in Vegas in July. Being in the desert means temperatures in Las Vegas really fluctuate throughout the year. See the seasonal variations I’ve given at the end of the post for temperature charts on what weather you can expect, winter Vegas outfits and Vegas summer outfits.

My Vegas packing list will help your organise your outfits to wear in Vegas, pack your bag and get ready for your exciting trip to Sin City! You can download a PDF Vegas packing checklist to print out at the bottom of this post.

What You'll Find in This Post


How to Dress in Vegas (Dress Codes)

You might be surprised to learn that most of the casinos floors have NO dress code. If you’re just mooching about the casinos in the day you don’t need to worry about what you’re wearing. Even shorts & flip flops or track pants & sneakers are OK. By night you might want to put a little more effort in and dress the part but you won’t be turned away if you don’t. Casinos want you to gamble, no matter what you’re wearing.

Hotels ask you to wear pool cover ups or robes from the room to the pool. You also won’t be allowed to take the pool towel to your room so it makes sense to bring along a pool cover up or two.

Las Vegas night clubs do have a dress code. It’s stricter for men than it is for women. Men should wear “business casual” attire – jeans or pants, collared shirt and dress shoes. Women can wear any form of party or cocktail dresses, jumpsuits or even nice shorts with heels.

Fine dining restaurants, like Joël Robuchon at MGM, do have a formal dress code. Men need to wear suits and women need to wear elegant cocktail dresses.


What to Wear in Vegas (Women)

Many women struggle with what to wear to Las Vegas. It can be hard deciding what to pack for Las Vegas but if you lay out some ideas in your head or even physically on your bed before you go you’ll have no trouble. Las Vegas is pretty casual by day so you can wander around in what you’d wear for a trip to the mall or shopping with friends. What to wear for Vegas at night can go from extremely casual just hanging out on the casino floor in jeans & flats to ultra-glam cocktail attire.  It depends somewhat on your trip.

  • A mom going with her family will need shorts, jeans and tops for day & night. Don’t forget there are lots of fun things to do in Las Vegas with kids.
  • For a romantic weekend away with the hubby, pack great outfits for dinner, some easy day wear for activities and some sexy sleepwear. 😉
  • If you’re going for a bachelorette party weekend, bring heels and plenty of dress options for evening. Through in some comfortable clothes for daytime sightseeing and pool wear and you’re set.


What to Wear in Vegas (Men)

What do guys wear in Vegas? When deciding what to wear in Vegas for men, again, you need to pack for the activities that you’re planning. Men can’t go wrong with shorts & jeans teamed with tees & short sleeved shirts for day. Business casual is what men should wear in Vegas in the evening. A long-sleeved shirt, pants and dress shoes. If you’re doing any fine dining at restaurants with dress codes you’ll also need a suit and tie.



What to Wear in VegasVegas Outfits Ideas

I’ve put together a few ideas on clothes to wear in Vegas in the above graphic. You can find the links to all the clothes in the graphic listed in the packing list for Vegas below. I like to pack light so all the Vegas clothes I’ve selected mix & match with one another. This is just to give you an example of what Vegas wear looks like. It’s not a definitive list although if you wanted to pack really light this is all you’d need. For more outfit options through in a couple of more casual and evening tops, another pair of jeans or pants and a little black dress that you can dress up or down. Voila! You’re done.


Vegas Day Outfits

Want to know what to wear in Vegas during the day? Really anything goes. Your day outfits for Vegas depending on what you’re doing. Most likely you’ll be wandering The Strip, popping in and out of casinos, maybe doing a spot of shopping or riding roller coasters. Vegas day wear is pretty casual and fun. You’ll see shorts, t-shirts & sneakers or sandals wandering up and down The Strip in summer. There’s no other choice when it’s 115 degrees out! What to wear during the day in Vegas outside the hot summer months, you’ll find jeans the staple along with t-shirts or nice tops paired with sneakers or ballet flats. Just aim for what you’d wear on a trip to the mall or to meet friends for lunch at home.


What to Wear to Vegas Shows

If you’re wondering what to wear to a Las Vegas show, stop! You can pretty much wear whatever you want. Daytime shoes are super casual. Wear t-shirts with shorts or jeans. No swimwear obviously. Flip flops or sneakers are fine. By night, you can wear whatever you like to a show. Dress up if you’re going out for a nice dinner beforehand or to a club or the casino afterwards. If you’re just catching a show after a busy day shopping or sightseeing, you can wear jeans, shorts or even activewear. Really, no one really cares what to wear to Las Vegas shows!


What to Wear in Las Vegas Clubs

As mentioned above in the dress code section, Las Vegas attire for clubs is business casual for men. Collared shirts, slacks and dress shoes are pretty much the usual. You won’t see many men being admitted in sneakers & tees unless they’re high rollers. For women, a cocktail dress or party dress is the best choice of dresses to wear in Vegas. Think about what you’d wear to a New Year’s Eve party and that’s what people wear in Vegas on a night out clubbing.


Las Vegas Packing List

Here’s a list of what to bring to Las Vegas based on my suggestions above. Obviously you can omit the fancier clothes if you’re not planning on doing any fine dining or nightclubs. This list of what to pack for a trip to Las Vegas is good for a long weekend trip and will cover you for 3-4 days easily. If you’re planning a longer trip just add another couple of tops and bottoms to your list. Easy! You’ll find a printable version of this Vegas vacation checklist further down in this post.







Other Things to Bring to Vegas

There are a few things to pack for Vegas that you might not think! From the amount of times I’ve been, I know what to bring to Vegas. Some stuff is just more expensive or difficult to find in the casinos and shops on The Strip. On my list of what to take to Vegas are some items for the harder partier, to prevent sore feet and hangovers, of course. Pick and choose from these things to take to Vegas depending on what you think you’d need.


Las Vegas Climate ChartSeasonal Variations When Packing for Las Vegas

The packing list I’ve included above is for the warmer months. For the winter & fall months, there are a few other items I would suggest.

  • What to wear in Las Vegas in January – January is the coldest month in Las Vegas. Many of the hotels shut their pools over winter as they are not heated or only open the hot tub in daylight hours. You’ll only need one bathing suit. Bring along an extra pair of jeans, an extra cardigan or sweater and a winter jacket. Merino layers are great for travel and provide warmth without weight. Packable down jackets like this are good for warmth without bulk. Don’t bring a jacket or coat that you cannot wash as walking through smokey casinos can make your clothes smell. Forget the sandals and bring ankle boots & socks.
  • What to wear in Vegas in February – Pack as you would for January. You’ll still get a lot of sunshine in Las Vegas in winter so don’t forget the sunglasses.
  • What to wear in Vegas in March – March is a little warmer but I’d still recommend packing a jacket. It’s often very sunny in Vegas and might look warmer than you think it is. Once you step into the shade it can still be quite cold. You probably don’t need a down jacket but a lighter winter jacket would still be a good idea.
  • What to wear in Vegas in April – It’s April so pack your sandals again! The weather in April in Vegas is lovely in the daytime. I’d recommend packing a few warmer items just in case of temperature dips and a nice jacket to wear on cooler evenings.
  • What to pack for Vegas in May – Pack for lovely warm weather as listed in the packing list above. May is a perfect month to visit Vegas. Not too hot and not too cold.
  • What to wear in Vegas in June – You can ditch the jeans unless you plan on travelling in them or wearing them inside at night.
  • What to wear in Las Vegas in July – Forgo the jeans altogether and replace with denim shorts or a summer dress. A maxi dress like this is perfect.
  • What to pack for Vegas in August – Pack the same as you would in July. It’s super hot in Vegas!
  • What to wear in vegas in September – The main packing list is perfect for September in Las Vegas.
  • What to wear in Vegas in October – Stick to the main packing list. October is a great month to visit Las Vegas.
  • What to wear in Vegas in November – Pack as you would for March.
  • What to wear in Vegas in December – Pack as your would for January.


What Not to Wear in Vegas

Now you know what to wear out in Vegas, here are just a couple of things that you should not add to your list of things to take to Las Vegas:

  • Fanny pack
  • Jorts for men
  • This t-shirt! – It stopped being funny years ago!
  • Short + tight + shiny dresses – Keep it classy and pick a dress that is only one or two of the three!


How to Pack for Las Vegas

I love to pack light and travel carry on only so when you’re packing for Vegas I would recommend doing the same.


Vegas Checklist Packing

Printable Las Vegas Packing Checklist

The Las Vegas checklist will help you pack your bags, get organised and bring the right gear along on your trip. Download and print my Vegas trip checklist and mark them off as you pack.

Download here: PDF Checklist for Vegas

Download here: Excel Spreadsheet Checklist for Vegas (Once you get to the next screen you’ll need to click on the link text in green to download the Excel file)

Bonus Tip: Great Las Vegas Hotels at a Glance

If you’re wondering where to stay in Las Vegas, I’ve got a little inside intel for you! After dozens of visits to Vegas, we have stayed in most of the hotels so I’m going to let you in a few of the good ones… in any price range! I’ve included hotels below that are the best in each price bracket. There are definitely others but would I stay at them? No. These are your best options for Las Vegas hotels in each price category. While prices will fluctuate based on holiday weekends and major conferences & events, the price categories I’ve listed here are generally pretty accurate.

Recommended Las Vegas Hotels Under $50

  • Golden Nugget – The only 4-star hotel in Downtown Vegas and one of the most affordable in the city with a fantastic pool and fun location on Fremont Street.
  • Rio – If you need a suite on a budget then head to the Rio for a bargain.

Recommended Las Vegas Hotels Under $75

  • Hard Rock Hotel – Fun pool area and casino despite being off The Strip.
  • Planet Hollywood – The best located hotel in the more affordable price range with a tonne of restaurants and spacious rooms.

Recommended Las Vegas Hotels Under $100

  • Mandalay Bay – The pool complex and restaurants make up for the location being further from the heart of The Strip.
  • The Mirage – Good price for the location, great pool area and lots of restaurants on site.

Recommended Las Vegas Hotels Under $150

  • Trump Hotel Las Vegas – All suites, non smoking, no casino and complimentary valet parking makes The Trump and easy choice.
  • The Venetian – All suites, one of the biggest hotels on The Strip with great amenities.
  • The Palazzo – Same complex as The Venetian and similar although slightly more glam.
  • Aria – Wonderful location in the city center, great restaurants and an upmarket, hip casino.
  • Vdara – All suites, non smoking and no casino in the City Center part of The Strip.

Recommended Las Vegas Hotels Under $250

  • Wynn – Fun and fancy with fantastic pool, casino and shops.
  • The Bellagio – A classic Las Vegas hotel with exquisite decor and fabulous fountains.
  • Cosmopolitan – Glamorous and decadent hotel & casino with excellent restaurants and one of the best locations on The Strip.

Don’t forget to read up on how we regularly save 25% to 60% on our Las Vegas hotel bookings with this easy Priceline hack!

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