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How to Book Cheap Five Star Hotels in Las Vegas with this Amazing Priceline Hack

Want to know how to book cheap five-star hotels in Las Vegas?

I’ve stumbled upon an amazing Priceline hack!

This amazing Priceline hack will save you hundreds of dollars on five star hotels in Las Vegas. It essentially removes all the guess work from making blind bids on Priceline’s “Name Your Own Price” bookings and allows you multiple bids to give you the cheapest possible price for a five star hotel in Las Vegas.

You are guaranteed to get a five star hotel in Las Vegas on The Strip for an excellent price!

Let me show you how!

This is a real example of a booking I made 12-15 October 2014.


Book Five Star Hotel in Vegas - Amazing Priceline Hack

Step 1: Search on Priceline

Run a search on Priceline for the dates that you’re interested in. When I ran my search Trump International Hotel, Las Vegas was the cheapest five star hotel in Las Vegas for the dates that I was looking at.

Notice that the only five star hotels in Las Vegas are on The Strip (except for one in Summerlin). This information is KEY!



Book Five Star Hotel in Vegas Amazing Priceline Hack

Step 2: Compare with Express Deals

Look at the Express Deals for five star hotels on your dates. Take note of the cheapest five star option available.

Here we can see that the cheapest five star hotel in Las Vegas for the Express Deals costs $102 a night – a saving off 40%. This indicates, along with other factors such as hotel amenities and guest ratings, that this is Trump International Hotel. (Trump International Hotel doesn’t have a casino, note the dice is missing from the amenities icons, so we can tell that this is the hotel we are getting.)



Book Cheap Five Star Hotels in Las Vegas - Amazing Priceline Hack

Step 3: Name Your Own Price Bookings

Using the information from Step 1 and 2, we can make an informed bid when naming our own price. We know the Express Deal for Trump International Hotel is $102 so we should be able to bid for lower than that.

Now here’s the trick! 

Because the only five star hotels in Las Vegas are on The Strip, you can basically get unlimited bids for Name Your Own Price bookings on five star hotels in Las Vegas simply by selecting a new area (excluding Summerlin) to include each time you try.

Make a bid at, say $60. It gets declined. In order to bid again, you have to either expand your search area or alter your star level. Areas 1-6 and 9-13 don’t contain any five star hotels but you can still select them, one by one, in order to increase your bid over and over again until you are successful!

Book Five Star Hotel in Vegas - Amazing Priceline Hack 2

Step 4: Enjoy Your Stay in Las Vegas at a Five Star Hotel!

I used this trick to get a Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas for $95 a night for three nights during the week.

I also used the same method to get The Venetian for $155 a night for Friday and Saturday night.


UPDATE November 2015: I just used this exact method to get the Trump International Hotel in Las Vegas for $79 a night for three nights mid-week and The Palazzo for $95 a night for one night mid-week.


Try your hand at my Priceline technique by clicking on this link.


If you need help, email me or send me a message on my Facebook page. I’d be happy to help you!

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What do you think of my amazing Priceline hack for booking cheap five star hotels in Las Vegas?

Are you willing to give it a go next time you’re in Sin City? It works well for weekday and weekend stays.

You could also try this in other cities. All you have to do is identify the areas that do not contain any other five star hotels and select these areas for your rebids.



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How to Book Cheap Five Star Hotels in Las Vegas Priceline Hack

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  • Gran Canaria Local

    Love discovering new travel hacks. You’re very generous to share this. Looking forward to trying this out.

  • Amanda Kendle

    Aha! You clever thing! Looking forward to reading more about what you think about Vegas. Not high on my list at the moment but you never know …

  • Iri Morgan

    Genius! Well done Bethany that is an awesome hack. I have been waiting for this post to come out. Will definitely try this. Thank you for sharing!

    • Bethaney Davies

      You should give it a go! It’s worked for us twice here in Vegas. We booked almost all our road trip accommodation through Priceline using Express Deals and saved heaps by booking that way. It’s easy to work out, by process of elimination, which hotel you are going to get based on what’s available, the amenities, star rating, user rating etc.

  • Mums do travel

    This is very clever – I wonder if it would work for hotels outside of the USA?

    • Bethaney Davies

      It definitely would if you could use the “Name Your Own Price” bookings from Priceline for the country you are looking at.

  • Terry at Overnight New York

    No dice — neat clue. Neat trick!

  • Rebecca

    Very Clever deductions! However, there is one flaw in your plan. The Trump Hotel is NOT on the strip! It is located a half mile off the strip, which is an 8-10 minute walk according to Google maps. Granted that may not seem like much to some, but it may be a huge deal to others. Your post makes it sound like this hotel is right on the strip. It is closer to Industrial Rd. than it is to the Strip. I do like your deductive reasoning though! Thanks for the great article!

    • Bethaney Davies

      I know where it is as we’ve stayed there multiple times and LOVE it! For the purposes of this though Priceline categorises it as “Las Vegas Strip North”.

    • Ted

      That’s why they invented automobiles. And I have been to Vegas enough times to know exactly where it is, and if you can’t walk from there to the strip, then you’re either a quadriplegic or morbidly obese. In either case, you have no business in Vegas to begin with.

  • JD Pham

    Hi Bethaney, thank you for sharing your hack. I’ve been using the same hack when booking rooms when visiting San Diego and Bakersfield but never thought about trying it for Vegas. I’ll give it a go on a future Vegas trip. As a bonus, you’ve inspired my next blog post!


  • Sam

    Thanks for sharing the hack! One question though – it looks like Priceline defaults to booking a room with a “king size” bed which accommodates 2 adults. Is there a way to ensure we get a room with “two queens” in-order to accommodate 2 adults and 2 kids??

    • Bethaney Davies

      It doesn’t default to king bed. The only default is that it states the room is big enough for double occupancy. Some of the time you get to choose the type of room you get when you book the Express Deal (look for the icon that says room choice available) and at other times it will say “room assigned at check in”. We have been doing this for 12 months now and have always been able to get a room with two queens or a king + sofa bed. No problem! I would add that when I establish what hotel we are going to get, I do check what types of rooms they have available. We always prefer a room that has two queens as we find two doubles a bit to small. Let me know if you have any questions!

  • Lidia


    You know how to get rid of the mandatory fees?


    • Bethaney Davies

      Hi Lidia,

      The mandatory resort fees are payable upon check out. You can certainly try to do the $20 Dollar Trick to save on resort fees. Or if there’s anything wrong during your stay, you can ask for the resort fees to be removed to compensate. Otherwise, you will have to pay them.


  • Glen

    Let’s say Trump is $100 in Express Deal and Ventian or Palazzo (assumption..) is $140 in Express Deal.
    If I use same method as you described, and if I start from $110 in name your own price for strip north area, is there a chance that priceline just gives Trump in the first try instead of decline?

    • Bethaney Davies

      Hi Glen! Yes there is that chance. In fact, you mostly likely will end up with the one that was the cheapest on Express Deal if you do a name your own price. Not always, but not worth the risk if you would prefer The Venetian or Palazzo. If you do the Las Vegas Strip South on Name Your Own Price you won’t end up at The Trump. It’s usually the Vdara, Aria or Cosmopolitan for that zone. Let me know how you get on! -Bethaney

  • Ben

    Just tried it and got the Vdara for $120 a night on the weekend. Thanks!

    • Bethaney Davies

      Awesome Ben! Let me know what it’s like. I’ve never stayed there. The location is fantastic though!

      • Laurie

        Vdara is seriously my favorite place to stay. It’s such a great location and it’s nice a quiet because no casino or restaurant. But it’s right next door to the Bellagio – just a short walk under a shaded sidewalk and you’re in the middle of everything. I doubt I have any reason to stay anywhere else. Also has a great pool with a poolside bar and cabanas. SO GREAT! Thanks!

        • Bethaney Davies

          I would love to try out the Vdara some time. I love Vegas but I don’t like smoking so prefer hotels without casinos for that reason!

  • Gina

    Im trying to figure out how to ensure I am getting the hotel that I want to stay at when doing the name your own price. I am wanting to stay at the MGM grand. Thanks!

    • Bethaney Davies

      You can’t pick your hotel when you’re doing a NYOP deal Gina. You can somewhat work it out using the Express Deals and the method I’ve outlined in this post – htt:// Having said that, I’ve done this dozens of times and never seen the MGM Grand come up using this method.

      If you want to stay at a specific hotel you best beat is to book via and using a discount code. Here is one you can use: Choose your own coupons and save up to 12% or $100 off!

  • Brian

    Yes Priceline screwed the person who wants a casino. Trump used to be north area instead of north strip now it is almost impossible to name your own price if u want a casino

  • gabrielle

    Hi bethany, Thanks so much. I just got through for Trump for $107. pretty awesome hack! how was the travelling from Trump to the other areas in the strip like?

  • Kim

    Bethany, Great hack! I just got a 5-night stay at The Vdara for $90/night. It was exactly the hotel I wanted and had predicted by using your tip.

    • Bethaney Davies

      Oh perfect. That’s awesome Kim! Vdara will be really nice.

  • Douglas

    Nobody screwed anybody. NYOP goes strictly by area as shown on the map. People who have never been to Vegas before, and who don’t know the properties, shouldn’t be using the Priceline Express or NYOP deals. 3 1/2 star could be Stratosphere and who really wants to be there?
    Best deals in my opinion: 4 star casino hotel in Convention Center area is always Westgate, 4 1/2 star West of Strip is Palms Place and 5 star in Southwest is Vdara while cheapest 5 star in Northwest is always Trump

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