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Top 10 Things to Do in Bangkok with Kids: Updated December 2015


Bangkok is paradise for the hedonistic. The nightlife is legendary and things can certainly get wild. Posh party-goers, grungy backpackers and filthy old men are all catered to in abundance. Surprisingly, there is a lot on offer for families in Bangkok. Step away from Khao San Road and Soi Cowboy and you’re find plenty to amuse your little ones, no matter what their age.

If you’re visiting Thailand with kids, you’ll most likely be coming in and out of Bangkok. Here’s my list of the top 10 things to do in Bangkok for kids. Enjoy!

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Top 10 Things to Do in Bangkok with Kids


Top 10 Things to Do in Bangkok with Kids


Bangkok for Kids, Siam Ocean Aquarium

1. Explore Life Under the Ocean Waves

Thailand is famous for it’s snorkelling and scuba-diving and even in Bangkok you can experience a little undersea action. Head to Siam Ocean World in the basement of the swanky Siam Paragon Shopping Centre.

Siam Ocean World is an interesting and educational undersea experience that will delight even the youngest children. Get up close and personal with starfish in the touch pool. Check feeding times before your visit and aim to see the penguins being feed. Definitely one of the most fun things to do in Bangkok for kids, but also quite expensive.




2. Take in a Movie

Movies are a super popular past time for Bangkok locals and are a fun things to do in Thailand with kids. There are several good theatres in town. Compared to the Western world, prices are cheap and standards are high. Almost every cinema has at least one 3D theatre.

You can see the latest Hollywood blockbuster for as little as 80B (US$2.50). Fancy seeing an IMAX movie? Head to the theatre at Siam Paragon. MBK has a range of different cinemas – 3D, digital and cheapies.

If you’re staying near Khao San Road, go across the bridge to Pinklao for a quieter, more local experience. Like all the other food in Thailand, movie popcorn is extra delicious. We loved the sweet option – buttery, crunchy caramel or for the more adventurous palate try Teriyaki Salmon. Gulp!



 3. Experiment with Bangkok’s Street Food Scene

Thai’s are addicted to eating. Mealtime, schmealtime. Everywhere you go in Bangkok you’ll find tasty street-side snacks, anytime of the day. The food is cheap and delicious. Portions are small so perfect for kiddies who just want to test something out.

When you’re visiting Thailand with kids you have to give some local food a go. Grilled meat sticks, corn on the cob, banana roti pancakes and mango and sticky rice are all kid-friendly options. Street food is safe to eat. Look for stalls cooking made-to-order dishes and a high turnover of meals. If locals are eating it, it’ll be good.


4. Cruise the Chao Phraya River

Cool down and see Bangkok in a different perspective by taking a cruise down the Chao Phraya River. You could opt for a dinner cruise but why waste money on an average meal? There’s a better option when visiting Bangkok with kids.

For a few baht you can jump aboard the Chao Phraya Express which is a river bus running the length of the river that cuts through Bangkok. You’ll get a great view of the riverside temples and see all the daily activity on the river. Avoid rush hour as boats can get crowded.


5. Play ‘Til Your Heart’s Content

With temperatures always hovering well above 30 degrees, it makes sense to head indoors to play especially if your kids are used to the heat. Indoor playgrounds are found in most big shopping malls (MBK is an exception). For 40B or so you can unleash your children into a perfectly padded playground filled with squishy slides and ballpits. Be sure to bring socks to wear. There are good playgrounds inside Central World Mall, Emporium and Siam Paragon (inside Ocean World).

Bangkok also has one of the best indoor playgrounds in the world – Funarium! Funarium Bangkok is a huge indoor playground with climbing structures, slides, ball pits, a bike & skating track, a craft room and more. The pest part is, it’s fully supervised so you don’t need to hover while your kids play. There’s a parents room, a restaurant and even massage available for mom and dad!

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6. Ride the Skytrain

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey. If your not from a big city and don’t ride public transport regularly, taking a ride on the Skytrain is super fun. It’s fast, modern and futuristic. Train enthusiasts will love it. Not only is it fun, it’s a great way to beat Bangkok’s congested traffic situation.





Reuben feeding a pony at the Bangkok Farmers’ Market at K Village

7. Get Outdoors

Bangkok has a few parks that can be explored with kids. Lumpini Park is the main green space in Bangkok and can be a nice spot to observe the early morning rituals of locals. There’s a playground at the North of the park. Rot Fai Park, near Chatuchak market, is a popular place for local families on weekends. There’s a playground, butterfly garden and lake.

Many of the shopping centres and malls also have an outdoor plaza or square. The plaza in front of Siam Paragon has some fun fountains. The Bangkok Farmers’ Market is another fun place to take kids. There’s lots of healthy food on offer, activities and entertainment. The location of the Bangkok Farmers’ Market varies so check their website to find out where the next market is.

Because of the heat, any outdoor activities are best tackled in the early morning or evening. Just be sure to dose up on Mozzie repellent as this is also when the little blood-suckers are most active.



Reuben enjoying satay chicken in Bangkok

8. Learn to Cook

Cooking classes are a popular activity for adult tourists and, surprisingly, it’s something kids can get in on too. If you’d like to attend a cooking class with your kids, just ask! Thai people love children almost as much as they love food. If they’re old enough and well-behaved it could be fun. With Locals is a good place to start searching for cooking classes in Bangkok.

Your kids can also take their own cooking class at Funarium, a large indoor playground near the K Village shopping complex. Funarium offer cooking classes for kids between 5 and 12.



Reuben & Lee swimming in a Bangkok rooftop pool

9. Cool Off in a Hotel Pool

Bangkok is one place were a hotel with a pool is a must! Nothing beats jumping into a cool pool after a long , hot day sightseeing. Use it as motivation to get your kids through seeing the sights you want to visit. Swimming is also a great tool to get your little ones over jet lag. For as little as 700B (US$23) you can stay in a hotel or guesthouse with a pool. Definitely worth it!



Banyan Tree Hotel Sky Bar Bangkok with kids

An Extremely Well-Behaved Reuben at a Bangkok Sky Bar

10. Go Out for Cocktails…

…no? Seriously! Just because you’re travelling with kids doesn’t mean you should miss out on a little fun. Taking kids out and about at night isn’t frowned upon in Bangkok like it would be in Auckland or London.

You can take your older children up to the SkyBar atop the Lebua State Tower, made famous from the movie “The Hangover: Part Two” – kids over seven are welcome. If you’re travelling with littlies, head for the Vertigo Bar at the Banyan Tree Hotel where there’s no age limit. Provided you’re scrubbed up well enough, you’re welcome in the bar area. The view is great and the bar snacks are yummy.


What’s on your list of top ten things to do in Bangkok with kids? Have I missed anything that you and your kids loved? Chime in and share your ideas!


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  • TammyOnTheMove

    We are off to BKK in 5 weeks, so thanks for the tips. The boat cruise sounds fun. You know I like my cruises. 🙂 Will definitely also have to try the cooking course if we have time.

    • Bethaney

      Bangkok is probably one of my favourite cities on the planet. There’s just something about it. It’s my perfect long weekend destination. If I could regularly have three days of food, massasges, MBK and cocktails I’d be a happy girl! Shame it’s such a long flight from NZ!

  • DG

    Can’t wait to take my family to Thailand! Working hard to reshape our lives to allow for more travel and fun as a family. Your website is a huge inspiration.


    DG @DG_comeback

  • Alyson

    We love Bangkok, we love it even more with the children, there is loads to do there with small people. You haven’t even touched on the big attractions yet, so much to do. We never did cocktails, maybe next time, but we love hanging out on the Khao San Rd with a beer watching the world go by.

  • Kathryn

    This list does a great job of showing how families with small children can have fun in big cities in Asia. It’s great that you would not get the negative looks you might get in the US if you took your child to a sky bar/upscale type place.

  • Autumn

    Love love love the info u provided for family travel in bangkok…we are taking our 5 & 7 year olds in November for 3 weeks, can u recommend a place to stay that’s not too expensive to stay for 3 nights in bangkok? Thanks!!

    • Bethaney Davies

      We always stay in either New Siam II Guesthouse or New Siam Riverside when we’re in Bangkok. The location is really good and both hotels are kid friendly with AC, swimming pool and TVs.

      Here’s the link:

  • Lillie - @WorldLillie

    I’ve rocked out Bangkok before I had my baby, and didn’t expect it to be so amenable to family travel as you’ve proved. Exciting!

    • Bethaney Davies

      Thailand in general is very amenable to family travel. Highly recommend it as the first place in Asia to bring your baby. 🙂

  • Reply

    I love the last suggestion! It’s normal to see babies in Spain at bars and out late. In fact, one of my boyfriend’s daughter’s first words was bar!

  • Mrs. P.

    Hi Bethaney 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing these ideas! I was already thinking along these lines, but your post just made it crystal clear and now I have our family´s Bangkok-To-Do list for our next trip completed. We go to Thailand every year (even though the flight is horribly long from Finland :D) and always spend a few days in Bangkok before heading home. It’s really our favorite city of the world (especially our 7 year old daughter’s) and I’m so looking forward to taking our car/traffic-crazy 1 year old boy to see a real big city <3

    • Bethaney Davies

      Make sure you check out Funarium on Soi 26! It became our new favourite place on our most recent trip to Bangkok. 🙂

  • Johanna

    Very inspiring! Thailand has been on our wish list for a long time, along with Cambodia and Vietnam. We are hoping to make it to all 3 in one trip in 2016!

  • jo

    Inspiring list and gorgeous photos. It’s been years since I’ve been to Bangkok, and with or without kids in tow, your list offers some great suggestions. Hi from Jo at Lifestyle Fifty 🙂

  • mark

    next time you visit you are very welcome to my Trampoline park Funny Jump, its great place to have fun and parties its easy to get by BTS just few minutes from big shopining mall Mega bangna.

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