Who Are Flashpacker Family?

Flashpacker Family are a family of four travelling the world, running an online business and squeezing the most out of life that we can! You can read more about us here.

We love to travel with our kids. We’re here to show you it’s achievable, fun and rewarding to take your family on amazing adventures around the globe.

We also want to show you how to make your travel smarter. We use lots of tricks to make our travel cheaper, better and more enjoyable and we’ll share those tips with you.

Where are we now?

For the rest of 2015 we’ll be road tripping around the US. We’re driving from Florida to Utah to spend the winter snowboarding in Park City. We’re travelling via New Orleans, Houston, Austin, Tucson, Phoenix and Las Vegas.

See where we’ve been and where we’re heading next! Follow our journey here.

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