Road Trip Tips: Visiting the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas

Las Vegas is an excellent place to start your travels in the US. The scenery in the surrounding deserts is unlike any landscape I’ve experienced before. We used it as a jumping off point for a South West USA road trip but there are many other road trips you can take from Las Vegas.

ROAD TRIP TIPS Visting the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas


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Sunset Over the Grand Canyon

Sunset Over the Grand Canyon


Tips for Visiting the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas

No visit to the USA would be complete without seeing the Grand Canyon. It’s by far the greatest natural monument the country has to offer and is one of those things that has to be seen in it’s full glory to be believed. The size and scale are indescribable.

The Grand Canyon is one of the most expensive National Parks in the USA to enter, costing $25 per vehicle. If you’re on an extended road trip around the states it pays to grab an annual National Parks pass which costs $80.

Did you know the Grand Canyon is actually in Arizona, not Nevada? Many people assume it’s in the state of Nevada because of it’s close proximity to Las Vegas. There are a number of tours to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas but it’s best to spend more than a day there.


Bethaney and Reuben at the Grand Canyon

Bethaney and Reuben at the Grand Canyon

Lodging inside the park is expensive and gets booked far in advance so it’s best to stay outside the park. Flagstaff, Arizona is the closest major city to the Grand Canyon or you can stay in the small village of Tusayan just outside the park borders at the South Rim.

Coming from Las Vegas the drive to Tusayan takes four hours. Stop and visit the Hoover Dam along the way.

If you have limited time to spend at the Grand Canyon, head for the South Rim. It’s accessible year around and is easy to get to from Las Vegas. You can enter and exit at the South Rim and head back to Sin City or, if you’re on a longer road trip, try starting at the South Rim and driving around to the East Rim to exit. If you exit at the East Rim you can continue North to the Najavo lands and Monument Valley or drive down South and connect back with Interstate 40 near Flagstaff.


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