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Is Las Vegas family friendly? Those not in the know might think Vegas isn’t suitable for kids. While that might have been the case a decade ago, you might be surprised to find out just how family friendly Las Vegas is these days. There is a lot going on in Las Vegas for kids. It can actually be a fun, affordable family friendly destination. It’s easy to get to from almost anywhere in the US, there are lots of great hotels for families in Las Vegas and it’s certainly a fun place to be for a few days.


Family Friendly Las Vegas

My Guide to Family Friendly Las Vegas


How can you make your visit to Las Vegas family friendly?

There are few things you can do to make your visit to Las Vegas family friendly. By planning ahead to pick the best hotel for kids in Vegas, organising a few Las Vegas family activities in advance and picking a couple of suitable Las Vegas shows for kids, you’ll have a fantastic family vacation in Las Vegas! We love visiting Las Vegas with kids and our children have a great time in Vegas when we visit. It’s a fun city to be in! We love the energy, the lights, the music and the fun atmosphere.


Family Friendly Hotels in Las Vegas

There are lots of family friendly hotels in Las Vegas. Many of the kids activities in Las Vegas are located in these hotels so by picking the right Vegas hotel for kids you can have a good time without even leaving your hotel!

Which hotel you select will depend somewhat on your budget. You can stay at a hotel in Las Vegas for as little as $20 a night! If you’re visiting mid-week, you’ll definitely get a good deal, no matter what level of comfort you’re looking for. My guide to kid friendly hotels in Las Vegas will help you choose the right Las Vegas hotels for your family. We’ve listed all our favourite hotels in this post.

Before you book your hotel in Las Vegas, read my posts on using Priceline Express Deals and how to get cheap 5-star hotels in Las Vegas.

Need to rent a car in Las Vegas

Best Family Pools in Las Vegas

Another reason to pick a hotel in Las Vegas is based on the pool. If you’re visiting in summer, almost any pool in Las Vegas can be fun. There are a couple that a more family friendly than others – the pool at Mandalay Bay is one of the best as it has a beach and lazy river. If you’re visiting in winter, you’ll want to pick a hotel that has a pool heated year around like the Trump Hotel. Read my guide to the best family pools in Las Vegas for more details.


Things to Do in Las Vegas with Kids

There are so many things to do in Las Vegas with kids! Marvelling at the huge Bellagio fountains, riding roller coasters at Circus Circus or punting through the Venetian’s canals on a gondola. You can do just about anything your kids want to in Las Vegas.

For the best family activities in Las Vegas, read my guide on the top ten things to do in Las Vegas with kids.

Some of the best things to do in Vegas with kids are actually free! Read my guide on the top ten FREE things to do in Las Vegas with kids.

I have more posts on things to do in Las Vegas with kids coming soon!


Things to Do in Las Vegas During the Day

In Las Vegas family activities don’t kick off until 10am a lot of the time. If your kids are early risers or suffering from jet lag you might find yourself up and about at 8am with nothing to do. There are couple of things to do in Las Vegas with kids that are open before 10am. The Discovery Children’s Museum opens at 9am in winter (but 10am in summer). Red Rock Canyon opens at 8am if you fancy an early morning hike, a good idea in summer! Bowling at Red Rock Lanes also opens at 8am if you’re looking for an indoor activity.


Las Vegas Shows for Kids

If you’re looking for a family friendly Las Vegas show, there are a couple of options that can suit kids of almost every age. Choosing which Las Vegas shows for kids is entirely up to what you feel comfortable taking your kids to see. Some of the best Las Vegas shows for kids are:

Popovich Comedy Pet Theater – This is the best of the family friendly shows in Las Vegas. It’s suitable for kids of all ages.

Tournament of Kings – Medieval dinner theatre, jousting on horseback set in the castle at Excalibur.

Circus Acts at the Midway – Free circus performances run from … at the Midway in Circus Circus.

Mystere – If you want to take your kids to a Cirque du Soliel performance, Mystere is a totally family friendly show.


Got questions on Visiting Las Vegas with Kids?

Let me know if you have any questions on Las Vegas for kids. I’d be happy to help you pick a hotel, decide on activities or choose a show that best suits your family!


Need a Packing List for Your Trip to Las Vegas?

Go to this post to download your free packing checklist for what to pack for Vegas.

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    I love Vegas for little kids, and we go all of the time. Great list!!

  • Kate

    Have never really considered Las Vegas as a place to visit with my kids, but now you have me thinking twice! To tell you the truth, I’ve never been myself–hoping to change that soon. Will definitely consult your posts once we decide to plan a trip!

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